What linen color to choose for your interior?

Not so long ago we told you that our linen colour palette will expand with new options. We believe in the power of colour and know that our linen tablecloths or linen curtains appear in almost any interior – from Scandinavian to raw industrialism.

In the following post we will not only tell you what colour linen to choose for your home, but we will also reveal how it can affect the. . way you feel. 


The subject of colors in our lives is so interesting that it is taken up by specialists in various industries. Among them, psychologists deserve a special mention who try to understand and study how colors affect our memory, memories, mood or concentration. Among various experiments, there are hypotheses that emotions can be aroused through the colors that surround us in art or interiors.

Of course, leaving aside stereotypes and colour symbolism, which often indicates that red, for example, is a reflection of love and courage, and white of purity and modesty, there is real evidence that colours have much more meaning than we originally thought.

Thus a colour, for example: the colour of linen, can cause associations in us – positive or negative – and thus evoke memories or emotions.

How does that work? In a nutshell: a light impulse transforms into an electrical impulse, going to our hypothalamus. Being in this location, it begins to control our pituitary gland, affecting our mood and our consciousness. We notice this effect when we like a certain colour, because it is associated with holidays, important family celebrations or childhood. This association in turn can affect our attention, concentration and efficiency.

Blue linen blackout curtains
curtain with five frills in dusty blue


We know how important it is for your interior to be cozy, coherent in terms of design and to make sure that the last button is pressed. That’s why we pay so much attention to creating a colour palette that will decorate your interiors – regardless of the style you choose, the size of the room and the aesthetics you choose for your bathroom, bedroom or children’s room.

In so linen! we have prepared for you colours, which will beautifully emphasize a rustic living room filled with natural light and lively flowers as well as a loft bedroom referring to raw, abandoned factories. Our suggestions below will prove to you that linen is a universal companion in almost all interiors, at the same time glaring with its softness, strength and airiness. Any color of linen properly selected for the interior will look great. If you want to try and see which shade of linen will blend in most beautifully with your decor see our fabric samples.

What to sleep under in hot weather
bedspread and pillowcases in dusty pink


Rustic interiors are filled with soft, natural light that highlights bright colors and wood accents. Like a boho style – there is harmony and tranquility inspired by fields of grain, greenery of the forest and blooming gardens.

Such unique, subtle arrangements go perfectly with natural or rustic linen shades, which best reflect the beauty of natural linen. We believe that the simplest solutions are the best ones, that is why subtle linen bedclothes in natural shade will best compose with a bright, romantic bedroom, and rustic linen curtains will most gracefully reflect the atmosphere of a country kitchen, open to the dining room.


Porcelain plates arranged in a sideboard, field flowers in a large vase, ruffles on decorative pillows and wooden accents, passed down from generation to generation. Interiors inspired by English Romanticism are extremely feminine, subtle, delicate in their form. Fresh flowers, the scent of roses and a touch of eclecticism go perfectly with the dusty pink shade, which looks particularly beautiful on a large wooden bed or in the form of curtains, hung in the childrens room. Alternatively, a semi-transparent muslin that flutters in the breeze will add intimacy and let the morning sunshine through.


American loft-inspired interiors owe their fame to abandoned factories that went bankrupt in the 18th century, mainly due to economic changes in the United States. Dark colours, raw finishes and few accessories are ideal for using linen pieces in charcoal, true grey or grey stripes. Darker shades are perfect for spacious mezzanines in the attic, elegant, minimalist living rooms and “masculine” bedrooms, where a certain restraint in design is present.

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