Classic, terry or waffle – which linen towels to choose?

waffle towels

The prospect of wrapping yourself in natural fabrics after a warm bath or a refreshing shower makes you eager to replace your existing towels with linen ones. You and your needs are our main inspiration. That’s why, knowing how you love these products, we first expanded our offer with linen terry towels, and not so long ago – also with waffle version.

Today we will tell you the differences between these three forms, suggesting which towels to choose to provide your skin with maximum comfort.


Successively we want to expand our offer in so linen! While thinking about what else we could create for you, the idea of new towels that would stand out in form and texture came up. This is how the idea for linen waffle towels can be described in a nutshell. Their name is inspired by the crunchy and sweet wafer cones in which hold scoops of your favorite ice cream. The gently convex texture is not only an interesting and aesthetic alternative, but also charms with its functionality and care properties.

A towel resembling a honeycomb gently massages our body, stimulating circulation. With regular daily massage, our skin becomes firm, taut and smooth. Combined with your favorite body lotion or dry brushing (e. g. with our linen sponges), the result is extremely spectacular healthy and smooth skin.

All linen waffle towels are made from 100% linen. Its natural composition allows it to absorb moisture quickly, thus reducing the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms. So in the end we get a towel completely safe for our demanding skin even if it is prone to allergies or inflammation. No wonder pediatricians and dermatologists recommend linen towels for atopic, allergic or very young skins also for babies.

In so linen! you will find waffle linen towels in natural color inspired by the beautiful color of cultivated flax. The undyed fabric charms with its raw finish and fits perfectly in boho or rustic bathrooms admire it on Instagram so linen! Apart from natural linen, we could not miss the pure white shade, which is the most universal, classic and minimalist way of decorating our bathrooms. White blends in perfectly with the aesthetic Scandinavian trend or the elegant glamour style.

All waffle towels come in three, different sizes. The smallest, at 30×30, is the perfect format for wiping and grooming your face and for taking on a long trip. Its small form fits into hand luggage and will save us during a long trip. A slightly larger format, 40×100, is a classic proposal for everyday use, while the 72×135 size will allow you to cover your whole body after a water frenzy in the pool or a long bath at home.

Ręcznik lniany wafel
ręcznik waflowy natural


Classic towels are made from 100% stonewashed linen. They are distinguished by a smooth, simple texture that is most reminiscent of linen textiles. Just like all other proposals – they are characterized by absorption properties and high moisture absorption. Additionally, due to their lightweight form, they dry very quickly, which will be appreciated on the beach or while travelling.

Terry towels are your favorite. Their delicate loops massage the body, thus additionally scrubbing and exfoliating dead skin. Their thicker texture is perfect for summer or autumn they take a little longer to dry, especially compared to the other models.

The waffle towels are a combination of the two, below. Their thinner form enhances quick drying, and the gently convex texture is original and aesthetic – which we hope you will love and appreciate during your next bath.

lniany ręcznik frotte
ręcznik frotte creamy white


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