Summer is coming! How to prepare for hot weather?

summer linen blanket

The long-awaited, hot and sunny days have finally arrived. After a very long winter, we can finally put aside the thick woolen sweaters, blankets and scarves that we used to wrap ourselves in during blizzards. In so linen! we’ve really been longing for sunshine, so we’ve put together some tried and tested ways for you to welcome the high temperatures!

  So if you’re planning a vacation to a seaside town-or if you’re spending the summer in your hometown-you need to know our ways to deal with the heat. For example using our summer linen blanket!


While sunbathing on our summer linen blanket you ahve to remmember about few things. While UV rays are a great source of endorphins and vitamin D, an excess of them can have the opposite, negative effect. When our skin is exposed to the sun for too long, it begins to produce melanin, the overproduction of which is associated with the skin’s defensive response. Melanin, which absorbs sunlight, causes erythema and, in extreme cases, severe burns. When this phenomenon occurs too often, the melanin buildup can contribute to skin lesions – including malignant tumors.

When getting ready for summer, you can’t forget to include sunscreen in your makeup bag. They effectively protect us against photo-aging, epidermal damage and loss of elasticity. Long-term use of sunscreens reduces wrinkles, minimizes the risk of dehydration and discoloration. While we’re not advocating avoiding the sun altogether (after all, it’s what gives us so much energy and joy!), we are reminding you that SP30 or 50 sunscreen should be a permanent, mandatory step in your skincare routine.

summer linen blanket
natural linen blanket


Have you wondered why our bodies require more fluids in the summer than in the fall and winter?

During high temperatures our skin sweats even faster and more often. This natural mechanism is designed to regulate our body temperature, moisturizing the epidermis and getting rid of lingering toxins. However, along with them comes the loss of valuable minerals, the lack of which can cause, among other things, significant weakness. To this end, it is important to supply lost ingredients by hydrating the skin from the inside. So remember to provide your body with fluids during the hot weather – for example in the form of mineral water or juicy fruit, while you enjoy the hot wether sitting in your garden on our summer linen blanket.

summer linen blanket
summer linen blanket


We wrote about the importance of choosing natural fabrics in the summer in the post Natural, artificial and synthetic fabrics. Why does the material matter?

We mentioned there that the biggest advantage of natural fabrics – linen, cotton or silk – is their hygroscopicity, thermoregulatory and anti-allergic properties. All these features are extremely valuable in the summer months, when our skin should breathe freely, getting rid of excess water from its surface. In the case of linen, this ability is even more valuable when we understand that the fibers have cooling capabilities. The lightweight, smooth surface of the fabric creates a breathable coating that keeps you fresh longer. In comparison – artificial materials, created from e. g. polymers, do not let air through, steaming the skin and creating a thin but very effective barrier between the skin and the outside world.

The cooling properties of linen are especially appreciated when choosing linen bedding both a linen duvet cover and a linen pillowcase. Light and permeable fabric makes sleeping pleasant even during very hot summer nights. To increase the cooling effect, we recommend putting a linen blanket in the fridge. A few minutes in a cool place will allow it to wrap us up for sleep in an extremely soothing way replacing the classic, heavier duvet.

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