Does linen really cool? Why linen bedding is perfect for summer!

Time and time again – whether on our blog or on social media – we have mentioned that flax can cool. Of course, we don’t mean the magical abilities that mimic a windmill or an air conditioning system. The key to understanding these abilities is to know the properties of the fibers used, which are perfect for hot summer days and stuffy nights. That’s why in today’s article we’re going to look at the cooling properties of linen to answer the question: Can linen really cool our bodies?


To understand what “cooling of the linen” means, it is worth taking a closer look at our skin, which protects us from high humidity, sunlight, and heat, among other things.

Skin fulfills a number of functions in our body – including being a protective barrier against external influences such as dust, microbes, and sunlight. So if an artificial coating appears on the skin – e. g. made of polyester, which is often used for clothing – the skin cannot “breathe. ” As a result – the body temperature rises, we start to sweat, and the lack of air circulation can lead to skin allergies.

Ultimately, the natural processes are disrupted, the body dehydrates, and we feel not so fresh and dream of a quick shower. Dehydration is an easy way to electrolyte disturbances and irritability. It is important that these processes can occur not only during the day, during a walk, or while traveling by public transport, but also at night. How many times have you woken up sweaty? How many times have you been unable to sleep because it was too hot? Have you ever noticed a red rash in the morning? If so, the use of artificial or synthetic fibers could be the culprit.

stonewashed linen bedding
linen bedding with ties in true gray


Linen, due to its natural fibers, ensures that you wake up after a whole night, and have a feeling of freshness. No more rashes, no more wet back, no irritation, and no more constant waking up a linen bedding or a linen blanket will bring you the comfort you want.

linen bedding
natural bedding with buttons

These cooling properties, which we often mention, are due to several abilities. First the ability to let air through and thus circulate freely. Secondly hygroscopicity, which allows sweat to be absorbed from the skin and transferred to the outside. So your body is dry and you feel comfortable and fresh. This hygroscopicity is so great that linen is at the top of all fabrics including wool and cotton. Thirdly, the key to success is the so-called binding density, which is often referred to by the number of carcasses. The greater the density of the fabric, the lower the permeability. Our linen bedding or a linen blanket with fringes is the perfect balance between longevity and low density. This means that you not only get a fabric that can withstand frequent washing and years of use but also have a perfect cover for warm summer nights and spring evenings. When you expose linen textiles to the fresh air, the fibers will be refreshed and you will fall asleep in cooler and fragrant linens.

It is worth mentioning that natural fibres do not accumulate electrostatic charges. What does that mean? Your linen bedding does not attract dust and microbes that love warm and humid places. Therefore, thanks to this ability, in summer do not accumulate mites, which are the main conductor of skin and respiratory allergies.

Pościel lniana jasny szary
Pościel, a chłodzenie lnu

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