Why do we follow a less waste philosophy?

less waste

It’s no secret that in so linen! we follow a less waste philosophy. Many times – whether on our blog or on our social media – we have mentioned how important ecology, the environment and supporting the planet are to us. We value the work of human hands, use no plastic, work with local suppliers and adhere to a fair pricing policy. All of these elements are extremely consistent with the less waste approach that has become so ingrained in our values and ideas.  


Nowadays “less waste” it can be considered as a certain lifestyle which aim is to reduce the amount of waste produced, it is important in the context of our environment and modern industry. By this term we mean, for example:

  • reducing excessive consumerism – which has a real impact on the natural environment and the “viability” of local, small businesses,
  • education on purchasing decisions that affect supply, company operations, and mass production,
  • the appropriate use of food or items that are produced,
  • maximising the use of production residues, so that ultimately there is generated as little waste and rubbish as possible.

These actions are extremely important when we understand that the average person, in a year alone, produces 2m3 of garbage. Moreover, 14% of all waste is exclusively municipal waste. This means that each Pole in 12 months may produce over 300 kg of municipal waste. This huge number gives us 14th place in the European Union.

So it’s no surprise that the less waste philosophy is being used in businesses and households more and more. In the end, even small changes resulting in gradual care of the planet can dramatically change the lives of all beings living on Earth.

Weve already written about 10 eco-friendly solutions for your home on our blog. We encourage you to come back to this post, especially if you’re wondering what you can do as a budding eco-conscious consumer. Many of these solutions do not require a great deal of knowledge or financial outlay. In small steps, slowly, you can help reduce the amount of waste in our country.

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LESS WASTE IN so linen!

On our blog, there are regular posts about ecology, environmental protection, conscious shopping decisions and the magic of natural products that nature gives us. These posts are created mainly to share knowledge, to touch upon the problems of our planet, to encourage reflection.

In addition to posts, actions follow. Flax currently ranks first among plants called zero waste. This wonderful plant endows us with a multitude of possibilities, which we can use in the cosmetic, textile, clothing or medical industry. Both the stalk and the seeds can be transformed into many products from a linen hair turban to flaxseed oil, face masks and remedies for digestive tract ailments.

When working with this unique plant, we dont want to waste its benefits. So we take care to minimize any overproduction as much as possible. Thats why we sew your dream vintage curtains, hair turbans or tablecloths by hand, in Poland, directly after placing the order. We dont act in advance, we dont create a post-production surplus. We prefer to do this at our own pace, tailoring products to your expectations and at the same time eliminating the backlog of fabric in stock.

Linen is a graceful fabric – the more you work with it, the faster it serves you, the softer it becomes. So we don’t want linen products to wait weeks for their future home – ultimately each product is sewn especially for you.

However, when a situation arises in which there are offcuts or fragments left over from tailoring work, we use them in the most efficient way possible. Some pieces become fabric swatches so you can choose the perfect shade of curtains or bedding for your bedroom. Another part is used for sewing curtain tie-backs, for napkins or curtain ties. So in the end, we try to make the most of the beauty of these unique materials, thus affecting the amount of rainfall produced and the subsequent rolls of material.


Light gray linen napkins
light grey linen napkin

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