What sheet to choose?

Which sheet should I choose?

Pleasant and undisturbed sleep depends on many factors. The ability to calm down, relax and leave trouble behind is the first step to relaxing and calming your body and mind. Relaxation is also influenced by the appropriate room temperature, the intensity of light and sounds, and. . . cozy, skin-friendly bedding.

We have repeatedly mentioned on our blog the importance of choosing linen bedding. Today’s entry will be devoted to linen sheets , this choice is equally important.  


What linen sheets to choose? Delicate, natural, taking care of our skin.

Each element of bed linen touches our body for several hours a day. Statistics show that a person on average sleeps through up to 20 years of their life. During that time our skin needs maximum care and protection from constantly multiplying bacteria.

The chosen fabric should therefore provide gentle coziness, antibacterial properties, as well as thermoregulatory capabilities. It is thanks to them that the skin breathes freely, does not accumulate water on its surface and carries out heat exchange with the outside environment. Pleasant heating on a winter night and a soothing coolness during a summer evening allows you to calm your mind, making the night a dream. That is what linen sheets provide.

So give up synthetics that are not breathable and contribute to the multiplication of mites. Replace them with natural fabrics, such as linen, which not only supports the environment, but is also free of dyes that cause skin allergies.

A reminder:

  • viscose, lyocell, modal, acetat are artificial fabrics
  • acrylic, plyester, elastane are synthetic materials
  • linen, cotton and silk are natural materials
dusty pink linen sheet
linen fitted sheet


The key to the perfect sheet is, of course, its ideal size. To choose the right dimensions measure the mattress (not the bed!) in three separate parameters: width, length and height. This last element is especially important if the mattress is wide and the standard sheet can not cover it. The most popular dimensions are divided into:

  • Single – for example 80x200cm,  
  • Double – for example 140x200cm,  
  • King – for example 180x200cm, 
  • Queen,  
  • Double King,  
  • Single X. 

In addition, besides the classic flat sheet, consider a sheet with an elastic band that prevents sliding, wrinkling and uncomfortable folding. While the first solution is universal and practical, the second one will work well in a baby crib and in case of conditions such as restless leg syndrome. Linen sheet with an elastic band will also be appreciated by furry pets, who sneak under the duvet, rolling clumsily in the bedding.

charcoal linen sheet


Finally, as a reminder, a few tricks and the most important information about taking care of sheets made of linen. The method of washing, ironing, drying and storage is no different from other linen fabrics, such as linen tablecloths or linen curtains.

You can wash our sheet both manually and mechanically. In the second case be sure to set the washing machine to most delicate program possible. Linen textiles should move freely in the drum during washing – so be careful not to squeeze them excessively, it will also prevent creases. When washing, use natural detergents – give up harsh chemicals or stain removers.

After washing, hang the sheet on your balcony on a string, allowing fresh air to gently wrap the fabric. Don’t worry the sun rays wont damage the fibers! In addition to that, natural drying contributes to the subtle crease effect that we love so much for linen fabrics. We present our beautifully creased linen on our instagram.

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