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Working with fabrics almost every day we are convinced of the uniqueness of linen. In order to transmit its valuable properties and promote pro-environmental actions, we sew for you linen substitutes of tablecloths, bedclothes and napkins. However, we are not resting on our laurels and we are constantly wondering what other linen gadgets and elements can be found in your home. That’s how we came up with our linen accessories – a linen hair elastic and a linen hairband.


Nearly every one of us has struggled with receding strands of hair that come into our eyes when we least expect it. These everyday situations inspired the creation of our linen headbands, while fulfilling. . zero waste requirements.

It is no secret that all our linen products are handmade in our Warsaw workshop. Often when sewing linen curtains or linen table runners we collected scraps of material, wondering how they could be used. The larger ones were used to make tie backs for the curtains, and the smaller ones. . . from now on, linen accessories like linen headbands and rubber bands.

We sew the linen accessories from scraps of natural stonewashed linen, which also appears in the form of other so linen products! And although all models fit on any head – mainly thanks to the elastic band – they differ in form and colour. The braided headband draws inspiration from Slavic trends – so often seen in folk styling. The headband with the knot in the middle is wide enough to hold thick and coarse hair and is reminiscent of the charming creations from polish classic – Pan Tadeusz.

Linen headband in white shade is a romantic proposition, perfectly fitting to delicate, summer stylizations. Dusty pink is a nod to innocent girlishness, and charcoal to predatory rock. Eucalyptus green is inspired by the wildness of the Amazon forests, and gray stripes – by seaside resorts, where the sailor style reigns. All these inconspicuous accessories will add variety to our outfits, combining two valuable properties: functionality and natural aesthetics.

knotted headband charcoal
knotted headband charcoal


Among our novelties we couldn’t miss a classic scrunchie, inspired by the frills of the 90s. They used to have a cult status – appearing on the heads of little girls and gaining recognition among adult women. The more colorful and crazy they were – the more fashionable the updo was. Fashion changes, evolves, and some trends come off the pedestal. After a few years, thankfully, terrycloth and rubber bands have come back into favour – which has inspired us to create some, linen-like, proposals.

Linen scrunchies hold hair without crushing it or deforming our hairstyle. The natural fibres do not electrify hair and the airy fabric allows our skin to breathe. Therefore, linen hair products are perfect for a walk by the sea, for an intense workout, for summer boho styling and during your daily hair care rituals. You dont have to worry about the fabric being warm on a hot day linen has thermo-regulating and hygroscopic properties, so it cools and makes the hot months more enjoyable. In addition, all linen accessories can be washed in the washing machine without worrying about their troublesome or time-consuming care.

linen scrunchie dusty pink
linen scrunchie dusty pink


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