Welcome spring with linen!

You can already smell the approaching spring in the air. The days get longer, the sun rises shyly from behind the clouds, and the first flowers and buds break through the remains of snow. At the end of this month, we will be able to greet the first day of spring with a smile as we enjoy the enveloping warmth and radiant sunshine. The upcoming beautiful season very often motivates us to clean up, encourages us to act creatively, and forces us to make minor or major changes at home and in our wardrobe. In today’s post, we come up with a handful of inspiration and tips on how to use linen in the coming warmer days and nights. See for yourself why you should bet on linen in spring!


Linen products – without the addition of artificial additives (e. g. polyester or elastane) – benefit from the advantages of nature, which makes this fabric extremely airy and light in its formulation. Despite this unobtrusive delicacy, linen fabrics have thermoregulating properties, i. e. they provide a comfortable feeling during a heat wave, which facilitates free air circulation inside and outside the fabric. Heat regulation as the ability to keep body temperature constant in changing ambient temperatures is particularly valuable in spring, when every day brings rain, wind, sunshine and the first storms. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our spring inspirations and apply them in your home!

Due to its delicacy, linen gives a pleasant, soothing feeling of coolness, which is especially valuable when our skin is warmed and requires a subtle wrapping. All this is complemented by a special weave of fibres, which ensure better circulation. Thanks to this ability, the skin can perform its main functions – including without moisture on the first layer. The result is that our skin breathes freely during sleep, which contributes to a spring nap in the afternoon. All this is complemented by the fact that our linen products are organic, biodegradable and allergen-free, to which allergy sufferers and people with neurodermatitis must pay particular attention. Each of these aspects makes it worthwhile to bet on linen in spring!


Spring is the perfect time to tuck away woolen blankets and thick duvets. Instead of them, light and subtle fabrics that not only envelop but also offer a pleasant, soothing coolness will be more suitable. The long-awaited sunrays are the perfect motivation to change the decorative pillowcases, put fresh flowers in a vase, and set up fragrant lavender candles. During this special and magical time of year, it is worthwhile to put on linen curtains and muslin curtains that refresh the living room or bedroom and prepare the interior for the warmer days. Linen curtains hold back the sun’s rays without restricting the light that subtly falls through the windows. Ultimately, we can enjoy the enveloping rays and at the same time reduce the risk of heating our homes. We owe all this to the fine linen net, which ensures the already mentioned circulation and the fresh air.

linen inspiration in true gray
heavy linen curtains with a frill in true grey
linen muslin sheer curtain in natural linen

So if you opt for linen curtains, linen blinds or muslin curtains, you get a subtle, fresh arrangement. The incoming rays penetrate gently through the natural material and provide warm light. In so linen! we offer curtains of different grammages. The heavy linen version is recommended for those who love a thicker and more solid finish, and the medium linen version is designed for lovers of brighter sun rays.

blue linen curtain with ties
heavy linen curtains with ties in dusty blue
spring inspirations in dusty blue
medium linen curtain with tabs in dusty blue

The curtains in the rustic linen series are by far the most raw-looking, making them a great addition to boho or rustic arrangements. The softest, most romantic, and most airy are of course our linen muslin curtains, which wonderfully accentuate the beauty of the spring sun.

spring inspirations in natural linen color
rustic linen rod pocket curtains as spring inspirations in your home

We hope our spring inspirations at home have convinced you to change your rooms! 🙂

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