Waffle, classic or terry – which turban to choose?

Home SPA is an extremely valuable form of relaxation. Aromatic foam floating on the surface of the water, the smell of calming oils, and bath salt, which gently tickles our skin, are the perfect background for our hair care ritual. Masks, conditioners, and oils are all designed to keep your strands shiny and nourished. With these magical and soothing rituals in mind, we introduced turbans to our range a few months ago. We originally offered a slightly simpler form, but their popularity and your admiration inspired us to create a third, new option – the waffle turban. The difference in the performance of all these models is key – especially if you expect specific and concrete features. It is a difficult task, so we will help you decide which turban to choose!


We have prepared a short and informative reminder for those who are not yet familiar with our linen turbans. The turbans you get in so linen! are made of 100% linen, thus providing the most valuable, natural properties. That is why all models are:

  • hygroscopic – so they do not hold moisture on the strands, thus helping out in faster drying,
  • thermoregulatory – so they drain water without overheating the scalp,
  • antibacterial – that is, they do not promote the multiplication of microorganisms,
  • lightweight – even when wet,
  • quick-drying – which means you can use them regularly without worrying that they won’t have time to dry before your next beauty ritual.

In addition, their shape allows them to be fastened and worn comfortably, which is great during slightly longer treatments – such as with overnight hair oiling. The fabric protects the bedding from getting oily, and the sewn-in button and loop ensure the stability of the construction created in this way.

waffle turbans

All of these linen turbans are the perfect gift for any hair lover, who will smile at the news that hair care can be even more effective and comfortable. Which hair urban is the best and which to choose?


The classic turban is our prototype, which is popular especially among fans of simple solutions. Its biggest advantage is its smooth, gentle texture, a credit to stonewashed linen. This option is by far the lightest, what you will appreciate in hot summer or spring.

white hair turban
linen classic turban

The thin form of the material allows it to wrap around the head and drain excess water without rubbing against the strands. For this reason, it is ideal for fine hair that is prone to falling out. The classic version of the turban is perfect for short to medium hair – which doesn’t require a more robust and slightly thicker weight. In addition, we recommend it to lovers of travel and exploring the farthest corners of the world – its small, compact form will fit perfectly in a small, handy suitcase.


A great alternative to the plain and minimalist classic turban is the terry version. This one, unlike its predecessor, features a cotton base and loops that are made of 100% linen. The turban has a higher grammage, which makes it thicker, fleshier, and even more absorbent. In addition, the loops gently massage the scalp while providing a natural exfoliation that promotes the absorption of active ingredients.

linen terry turban
linen terry turban

Terry version of the turban is recommended especially in autumn and winter when quick drying of wet strands is extremely valuable. This form is perfect for owners of thick and heavy hair that needs extra support and wrapping.


Our novelty is a perfect complement to the other models. The name comes from its distinctive three-dimensional form, the finish of which is reminiscent of a crumbly wafer or a sticky honeycomb. These models are all-natural and made from 100% linen.

white linen waffle turban
linen waffle turban

The waffle turban properties are the perfect compromise for the other two suggestions. It can safely be considered an intermediate model, combining lightness, as well as a higher grammage, which makes the absorption capacity slightly higher. In this case, the waffle model is ideal for medium hair that needs to bring out the natural curl (known as plopping).

All turban models have a practical closure in the form of a loop and a button, made of coconut shell. This means that they grip the shape of your head perfectly, even while walking, sleeping, and bending over.

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