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The past month was filled with holidays that call for regular pleasures called – home spa. In June, on the calendar cards, we could notice Wellness Day and World Bath Day. Taking care of our bodies, taking a moment for ourselves, and creating a peaceful environment for ourselves is extremely important – especially if we are living each day under stress, battling chasing deadlines.

We know how important it is to find a moment to breathe, not just during those special June days, so as a further holiday celebration, we’ve put together some, inspiring ideas for. . a relaxing bath.


Our skin is alive, so it needs regular daily care. Few of us remember that every day our epidermis absorbs pollution, struggles with high temperatures and is exposed to the adverse effects of external factors. So, if we want to give ourselves the utmost care and protection, the natural step should be to implement a full skin care regimen to exfoliate and moisturize our bodies.

Doctors and cosmetologists have spoken out about the importance of ensuring you are protected from UV rays and water loss. Regular lotioning or scrubbing our body stimulates circulation, firming our skin and helping to get rid of the so-called orange peel. In addition, aromatherapy, for example in the form of oils poured into the bathtub, supports immunity, lowers blood pressure, accelerates wound healing, combats acne and most importantly – calms and soothes our senses, contributing to the production of endorphins. Hormones of happiness suppress the feeling of pain and put us in euphoric states, resembling those we feel after, for example, intense exercise.

linen terry towel
linen terry towels


Effective care is care selected on an individual basis. Remember, what works for your friend or mom may not work for you. That’s why it’s always a good idea to see a dermatologist or beautician who can best advise you on what type of products will work for your skin. 

When creating your home SPA, make sure to use products enriched with valuable ingredients. To put it simply, aloe vera and chamomile have soothing properties and are therefore ideal if you suffer from skin allergies. Beeswax, urea and glycerin nourish and hydrate the skin to prevent dehydration. Papain and bromelain exfoliate the epidermis for radiance and freshness.

In the care ritual we must remember how important it is to take care of our skin also after bath or shower. So dont forget to choose soft, linen towels to wrap your skin with and minimize the risk of irritation or allergies. Terry towels available in our offer have delicate tufts, so they quickly absorb water and massage our skin, stimulating circulation at the same time. Choose a linen hair turban to protect your hair strands after oiling. The perfect 2-in-1!

linen bath towels
linen towel


Home SPA is the perfect excuse to find a moment for yourself, immerse in a fragrant bath and soothe your senses. As a part of our inspiration we have prepared several proposals thanks to which your bathroom will be filled with a fusion of the most beautiful scents.

  • Make your own bath bombs. To do this, you will need 2 cups of baking soda, a cup of citric acid, oils such as baby oil, and fragrance oils. For summer, eucalyptus oil is perfect, with its extremely energetic and stimulating scent. Such improved bombs will make your long bath more pleasant, composing with incense or candles, spread around the bathroom.
  • Create a homemade scrub using coffee beans. The beautiful scent of caffeine will not only energize you, but it will also get rid of orange peel. After such an intensive massage, do not forget to wipe the skin with a soft linen towel, and then use your favorite rose-scented lotion or milk with honey.

When creating a care ritual, do not forget your favorite sweet candles, incense, relaxing music, such as from your favorite film works, and a glass of good, sour wine.

Linen terry sponge
linen terry sponges

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