linen throw with fringes | gray stripes


This linen blanket made of 100% European linen is perfect for covering a bed, wrapping ourselves during cooler evenings, and as an alternative to a duvet during hot summer nights. Linen is a 100% natural fabric that allows our skin to breathe. Due to its hygroscopic properties, it gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. What is more, linen is cool to the touch and gives our skin a feeling of comfort, which is why it has no equal, especially during summer.

The fringes are located on the shorter side of the blanket and are not included in the dimensions. They are about 10 cm long and are tied by hand by a seamstress in our studio ♥

This blanket is made from heavy stonewashed linen (280 g/m2) it is heavier than the linen we use to make our bedsheets. Due to the higher weight of linen fabric, it is more solid and thicker, the stonewashing process makes it soft and delicate on the skin.