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Linen double pinch pleat curtain in dusty blue color. The double pleat is the so-called flemish pleat. It is a type of top finish for a curtain, which ensures that the fabric is permanently pleated with equal spacing – without time-consuming arranging and regardless of whether the curtain is pulled apart or pulled together. Double pleat curtains always look elegant, thanks to the fact that the fabric is perfectly draped at all times.

Top finish: double pleat

Price for 1 panel.


– The curtain is permanently pleated at a ratio of 1:2,

– the hooks are sewn every 10 cm,

– the hooks are 9.5 cm high and allow you to adjust the height of the curtain every 5 mm,

– the hooks can be washed both in a washing machine and dry-cleaned without the risk of stretching the fabric,

– we recommend ironing the tabs with a steam cleaner after washing,

– the hooks fit most types of ceiling rails (e.g. KS, TS, G/K, Contract or for electric rails) and curtain rods, where the hooks are mounted directly on the rings.

– double pleat curtain tape is included in the length of the curtain

Width of the finished curtain: 70 cm or 140 cm – other width available on request Important! For double pleat curtains, the width of the finished curtain already takes into account the 1:2* pleat. The pleats are sewn in permanently, so when choosing the size of the curtain you should base on the width of the place that the curtain is to cover and order a curtain of exactly this width.

Example: If your window is 200 cm wide, to cover it with double pleat curtains we need one 200 cm wide curtain or two 100 cm wide curtains.

*For a customized order, we can also sew a curtain with a 1:1.5 pleating. To receive a quote, please send us an email to:

Shrinkage: Stonewashed linen is a preshrunk fabric. When you pay attention to the laundry instructions added to the curtains, the possible shrinkage is around 3-5%. However, since all washing machines are different, we do not recommend ordering curtains with 1 cm accuracy. We always suggest adding around 10 cm to the length of the curtain.


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