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Linen mascots are a natural alternative to artificial plastic toys for children. They are soft, cute, and hand-sewn from natural fabrics – cotton and stonewashed linen. Loved by the little ones, but above all environmentally friendly! Linen toys in so linen! are fabric bunnies – Lena and Leon, designed in the spirit of less waste. Their bodies are sewn in cotton, and we sew their clothes from pieces of linen left over in our studio after sewing linen curtains and table textiles. Clothes can be taken off and put back on during play. Bunnies have long arms, so they can be tied to a crib or a stroller. They are a perfect gift idea for a baby to celebrate a baby shower.

Linen bunnies can perform the functions of a soft mascot, but they are also excellent as a decoration of the children’s room or as a prop for photoshoots of the little ones. If you are looking for a gift for a baby shower, we recommend that you combine it with a crib bedding or a baby linen towel with a hood. Another advantage of linen bunnies is that they can be easily cleaned in the household washing machine with a mild detergent. Linen toy made of fabric is also much more resistant to mechanical damage and minimizes the risk of getting hit while playing. The linen bunnies were sewn from a soft fabric, which is why they are also suitable as a cuddle buddy for sleeping.