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Handmade dolls, cuddly toys inspired by the most famous fairytales characters, self-made drawings, fresh flowers, wall stickers, colorful carousels hanging over the crib, colorful carpet to play on and blocks scattered around the corners. Children’s rooms are full of creative solutions, colors, inspirations and decorations, which makes playing together more pleasant. Such a room cannot lack children’s bed decorations which would make the corner an ideal space to relax, dream and regenerate for further frolic and games. Our crib skirts were created to create simple, natural decorations. They will change an ordinary bed into a Disney decoration. In addition, our skirt allows you to use the space under the crib, where we keep our child’s favorite books, boxes with necessary items and cuddly toys that accompany his sleep.

Crib skirts are made of natural, 100% stonewashed linen. Their soft form makes them lay gently and freely both at the bottom of the mattress and between the rungs. Anti-static properties prevent frills from electrifying and collecting dust or dirt. The detachable form allows for regular washing and cleaning, enchanting you with the soft, fresh scent of your favorite natural laundry detergent. Crib skirts are an aesthetic and minimalistic way to decorate a child's room. Their form and various colors will match both: crazy, colorful children's rooms, as well as corners decorated in boho style. Apart from classic shades - natural or pure white - we have prepared several subtle, natural colors, which will perfectly match a child's bed sheet or a linen bedding for children.