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Nature is beautiful, inspiring and is an indispensable resource for many industries. One of its most beautiful and valuable creations is linen, which has been a valuable product for thousands of years – used in the medical or textile industries. The magic of linen was already known by our ancient ancestors, who willingly used the plant to create natural decorations. They proudly appeared in palace bedrooms and in the first chapels, created in honor of the Egyptian gods. It was this most raw, natural form that became our inspiration for designing rustic linen curtains.



The rustic linen finishing is characterized by thick, fleshy weave that perfectly captures the character of vintage curtains. Due to the process of softening, the fabric, despite its thickness and texture, remains soft, gentle in touch and subtle. Their greatest advantage is the simple, natural-toned form - alluding idyllic cottages surrounded by golden fields of wheat and arbors with orchards of fragrant and freshly blooming fruit trees. These associations make our vintage curtains to be the most popular choice for those who love boho, vintage and cottage style interiors. No wonder that this unique, relatively new product has very quickly gained recognition among lovers of casual, subdued and neutral forms. Rustic linen curtains block the coming light without overwhelming the room with their thicker, rough weave. Their form resemble jute, which blends so gracefully with fresh flowers, wicker baskets and rattan furniture. Despite the similarity and an aesthetic that alludes natural jute, our vintage curtains are made of 100% linen. As a result, we have achieved a very unique and original form - raw, but at the same time delicate and soft, with slightly crinkled texture.