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Personalization is one of the most beautiful, personal and touching gift ideas. Giving a gift, which was created thinking about one, particular person will surely evoke a sincere smile, gratitude and the most beautiful tears of emotion. In order to evoke these wonderful emotions, we offer you personalized embroidery.Using this possibility you can add to your linen gift a name of the recipient, the date of the anniversary, words of thanks or expressions of everlasting love. The form of the embroidery is not fixed so that each gift is original, unique and dedicated to this one, the most important person for you. We believe that personalization of a gift is not only a great form of a token of memory, but also helps to express emotions and feelings that we cannot always share. This is how we give custom embroidered towels to the newly married for their big day, embroidered linen bedding to our mothers on Mother’s Day, and embroidered napkins with initials as a gift for the new flat. Each personalization makes a gift even more beautiful, unique and sincere.


Personalized embroidery is made according to the guidelines given in the comment. The size of the embroidery depends on the chosen product, and the color is chosen to match the color of the product or to contrast it. Currently, we can create embroidery for up to 25 characters, thanks to which you can decorate your linen product with full initials, quotes or wishes. We would love to help you express your feelings with such a thoughtful and dedicated gift. We are convinced that the combination of the magical and unique properties of linen with personalization is a perfect idea for a gift! .