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Linen Roman blinds are one of the most popular window treatments. Roman blinds, just like curtains, can be customized to the size of the window. Such a window arrangement will work well both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Additionally, thanks to the ability to choose the weight of linen from which the blinds are sewn, we can give the blind a more or less shading character. The level of darkness in the room is also regulated by the roller blind mechanism itself by pulling it up or unraveling it onto the whole window. The choice of Roman blinds as window decoration is often dictated not only by aesthetics but also by convenience. Roller blinds unlike curtains do not have to be properly draped to look beautiful, and the care is very simple. Once the fabric is detached from the mechanism, it can be washed in a home washing machine. Detailed washing and care instructions are included in the package with the blinds. Our Roman blinds will also work well with small children and pets – the risk of tearing the curtain reaching the floor is much greater than in the case of a blind that ends just above the windowsill.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ✄ The delivery time is approximately 10 WORKING DAYS (15 for roman blinds).

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Linen Roman blinds are a way to quickly transform your window. Hung on the window, they become protection from sunlight and provide privacy, but they also decorate the room. Linen, thanks to its antistatic properties, does not attract dust, therefore it is easier to keep linen blinds clean than roller blinds made of synthetic fabrics. Due to its naturalness and anti-allergic properties, it is also recommended for homes where allergy sufferers live. The ease of installing the fabric to the mechanism gives you the ability to quickly rearrange the window for the new season with one mechanism. Our linen Roman blinds are sewn by hand to the size of the window, in addition, there is a possibility to order the installation service in Warsaw. Production time is a bit longer because it is divided into two stages. The first stage consists of making and cutting the roller blind mechanism to the window size, which is performed by a proven Polish manufacturer cooperating with us. In the second stage, the blind is sent to our workshop, where it is sewn by a seamstress, who then fixes the fabric part. The next step is to mount the Roman blind to the wall, which should not cause any problems even for inexperienced people. Thanks to blinds made of 100% linen, which is one of the most durable fabrics, we can be sure that they will serve us for years.

Premium Quality Linen Roman Blinds for Living Room

Are you searching for exquisite window treatments that combine functionality, style, and sustainability? Look no further than so linen! premium quality linen Roman blinds. Our extensive range of Roman linen blinds offers a sophisticated solution to enhance the ambience of your living room while providing the numerous benefits of natural linen.

Explore the Timeless Elegance of Roman Blinds

At so linen! we recognise the significance of discovering the perfect window dressings that beautifully complement your living space's aesthetics. Our captivating Roman blinds collection showcases the timeless elegance and versatility of this classic window treatment style. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, our blinds effortlessly combine sophistication and functionality, becoming an enchanting focal point in any room.

Experience the Benefits of Our Roman Blinds

Our Roman blinds linen are the epitome of luxury and sustainability. Made from premium quality linen, these blinds offer a myriad of advantages that make them a popular choice among homeowners.

  1. Ecological and Biodegradable: At so linen! we are committed to offering environmentally conscious products. Our blinds are made from natural linen, a material that is both ecological and biodegradable. By choosing linen blinds, you contribute to a greener future.
  2. Light Filtration: Linen blinds offer a unique light filtration, providing warm and inviting illumination to your room while still ensuring privacy. The natural weave of linen subtly diffuses the daylight, casting a soft glow that enriches your interior ambience.
  3. Thermoregulatory Properties: Linen is renowned for its exceptional thermoregulatory properties. Regardless of the season, linen blinds provide a feeling of comfort and cosiness, making them an excellent choice for any time of the year. Enjoy the perfect temperature in your living room, no matter the weather outside.
  4. High Durability: One of the standout features of linen is its remarkable durability. Over time, linen develops a unique aesthetic value that adds character and charm to your living space. Our linen blinds are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting beauty for your windows.
  5. Moisture Absorption: Compared to other fabrics, linen excels in moisture absorption. This makes linen blinds an excellent choice for areas with high humidity levels, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Experience the benefits of linen as it effortlessly maintains a fresh and dry environment in your living room.

Elevate Your Home Decor with so linen!'s Collection

Transform your living room into a haven of style and comfort with our exquisite collection of Roman blinds for living room. At so linen! we take pride in offering premium quality products that combine elegance, sustainability, and functionality. Explore our diverse range of colours to find the perfect Roman linen blinds that reflect your personal taste and enhance the beauty of your living space.

Shop now at so linen! and indulge in the luxurious elegance of Roman linen blinds. Elevate your home decor while enjoying the numerous benefits that linen offers. Experience the unmatched quality, durability, and natural charm of our Roman linen blinds, and create a captivating ambience in your living room that you will adore for years to come.