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They complement wicker baskets, accompany us during an afternoon picnic and protect our clothes from aromatic sauce or hot soup. The inconspicuous heroes – cloths – date back to the 18th century when they were used for the famous English teas. It was then that linen cloths served mainly as a wrapping for bread, protecting it from early staling. Their delicacy was so valuable that they were also used as protection for hand-decorated porcelain cups. To this day, it is customary to place buns and baguettes in a basket decorated with linen bread cloths. Linen kitchen cloths are extremely functional and useful gadgets in our kitchen. They help us when we need to wipe wet hands, grab a hot lid or wipe off a vanilla cream stain. This inconspicuous friend of every cooking (and eating!) lover has been with us for over 200 years, which somehow inspired us to create our own linen proposition.



Their durability, raw design and naturalness will be appreciated by all housewives, fans of classic solutions, cooks and outdoor breakfast lovers. Linen cloths become softer, more delicate and more subtle with every washing. You can iron, wash and clean them without worry - the fibers will not get damaged. Antibacterial properties prevent the multiplication of microorganisms, while taking care of the hygiene of our culinary work. We know how much you love variety and how many of you adore natural and slightly more original solutions. That is why you will find our handmade linen cloths in several, subtle colors. Natural and white ones will complement classic kitchens in Provencal or rustic style, while charcoal or true grey ones will refer to raw, industrial lofts.