Mother’s Day gift? We advise – LINEN naturally!

gift for mother's day 2018

Choosing a gift for your beloved mother is quite a challenge, which is why we have prepared a few linen ideas that will bring your mother a lot of joy, and at the same time will be a practical and unique gift. If you are wondering what gift to choose for Mother’s Day, we suggest – choose natural, soft 100% stonewashed linen. Below you will find so linen! products, which we are sure your mother will love from the first use!

Linen tablecloth – a natural classic

Mothers love it when all generations sit at the family table, and there is a pleasant buzz and confusion in the house. The table then plays the main role and draws the attention of everyone present. It is therefore worth making sure that it does not look schematic and standard. As a gift for Mother’s Day, give your mother a natural linen tablecloth that is the perfect culmination of a warm atmosphere and a timeless addition to the interior design. Choose the one she likes best – white or undyed linen, classic plain or with a delicate frill.

linen tablecloth gift for mother's day
Classic linen tablecloth in pure white. Photo taken by Ania – author of the profile @skandynawska.weranda

Linen placemats and soft napkins

For linen tablecloth you can also choose natural pads and napkins made from 100% linen. The placemats placed under the plates will protect the table against high temperature, protect it from scratches and, above all, give the table arrangement a natural character. Linen napkins gently wrap the cutlery, add elegance and make moments at the table magical. Match the right colour to the tablecloth, or play with contrasting shades.

linen napkins gift for mother's day
Soft linen napkins made from prewashed linen.

Linen tea towels

Moments spent in the kitchen do not have to be an unpleasant and boring everyday activity for your mother. Properly selected kitchen textiles as a gift for Mother’s Day will make this time more pleasant and varied. Thanks to their wide range of applications, linen tea towels act as a natural and hand-friendly towel, and also turn out to be very useful in other kitchen tasks – e.g. to cover the dough or wipe the countertop. You can choose tea towels in various colours – from white, through dirty pink and shades of grey, to the classic undyed linen.

linen tea towels gift for mother's day
Extremely absorbent linen tea towels, available in five colours: white, natural linen, dusty pink, graphite and grey. In the photo kitchen towel in pure white. Photo by @hakauuka

Linen bedding – soft and airy

A good idea for a gift for Mother’s Day is also a set of linen sheets. With the passage of time, the aesthetic value of the linen fabric increases, so linen bedding will last for years. Our products are made of exceptionally soft, stonewashed linen – they have a characteristic texture with delicate creases, so they do not require ironing – every mother’s dream fulfilled!

Do you already know which linen gift for Mother’s Day your mother will like the most? Contact us via the contact form or our facebook or leave a note when ordering with the content of the dedication, that we will attach to the package on your behalf.

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