Medium and heavy linen – which curtains to choose for the summer?

medium linen

On our site you will find labels that allow you to distinguish between two types of linen. So, for example, available in so linen! curtains with tab top, are made of both from medium and heavy linen. The differences between the two are significant and make a real difference in appearance, texture and how much light gets through them.

  On our social media you repeatedly ask us questions about which type of linen will work best in certain arrangements. To make this decision easier for you, we have prepared an extensive summary and hints, so you can choose the best curtains for you.

We will let you know that we will soon have Roman blinds in our offer, so this post will be all the more useful for you during your future purchases.  


The termheavydescribes the weight of the fabric which, as the name suggests, is heavier at 284g/m2. Higher grammage makes, for example, linen curtains thicker, more opaque and less airy. Less light transmission creates a cosy atmosphere, adds elegance and privacy to the interior, while protecting us from the frost outside.

Tip I: We recommend this type of curtains in glamour arrangements or arrangements inspired by loft style. Darker shades, such as charcoal or true gray, additionally protect our interiors from the sight of nosy neighbors, limiting the inflow of sunlight. We recommend them for apartments located on the ground floor or with south-facing windows.

Medium stonewashed linen has a weight of 160g/m2. Because of this lightness, it is extremely soft, subtle and romantic. One of its greatest strengths is that it develops a soft, undulating texture with each wash, making it even more special. It is what we make most of our products from.

Tip II: Medium stonewashed curtains are airy and soften the light coming from outside. Due to their permeability, they do not guarantee complete blackout. This type of curtains especially in natural or dusty pink are extremely romantic. We recommend them in bedrooms which are inspired by the English style or in boho arrangements.

The term stonewashed refers to both of these fabrics and means to undergo a softening process, making both medium and heavy linen soft to the touch.

heavy linen curtains grey stripes


If you want a raw, solid finish, distinctive accessories, solidity and maximum durability choose heavy stonewashed linen. It is also the one that is less prone to creases and is easier to iron. If you are afraid of creases and want a simple finish to your linen tablecloths, this option is definitely for you.

If you are a fan of romantic softness, wavy texture and subtle softness, the medium stonewashed option will meet your expectations. We choose it when creating pillowcases or duvet covers, providing your skin with the greatest softness, anti-allergenic properties and thermoregulation, which we appreciate during cold winters and hot summers. You can admire both types of linen on our instagram.

lightgey medium linen curtains with one ruffle
lightgey medium linen curtains with one ruffle


As a recap, we’ve put together some of the most important differences for you, making it a little easier for you to decide on the right linen fabric:

  • fabric weight: the heavy stonewashed type is heavier, the medium stonewashed type is lighter,
  • sunlight blocking: heavy darkens rooms more, while stonewashed softens the rays but still makes rooms brighter,
  • protection: heavy protects us more from the cold or the suns rays and the medium provides more air circulation,
  • creasing: heavy creases less and medium creases more,
  • style: heavy linen is the perfect complement to vintage, glamour and industrial style, and stonewashed to boho, Provencal and English,
  • character: heavy is a thicker, bulkier, heavier fabric and medium is light, airy, subtle,
  • softness: both fabrics are soft and 100% natural.

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