Linen textiles – why choose products made of 100% linen?


Linen textiles – linen bedding, curtains, tablecloths. Why is it worth choosing products made of 100% linen? And what is the advantage of linen over other fabrics? In the first post on our blog, we want to present the properties of linen, which make it unique and make linen textiles timeless. We hope that the content that we are preparing to present here will allow you to get to know and love our fabric!

Delicate, ecological and, above all, natural – these three terms come to mind as soon as we think about 100% linen fabric.

We often hear the opinion that linen is rough and stiff. We deny it! It is long gone! Currently, the linen fabric (including the one from which all linen textiles in our store were designed and sewn) is a softened fabric, thanks to which it is extremely soft and delicate. We are often surprised when someone skeptical about linen, at the first contact with our products compares theirs softness to a cuddly flannel. The delicacy of linen fabric, combined with the fact that it does not cause irritation and does not cause allergies, makes linen especially recommended for young children and allergy sufferers, whose delicate skin appreciates its antiallergic properties.

Moreover, products made of 100% linen are ecological and biodegradable – in the end they are made of small, delicate flowers. Natural linen fabric does not contain synthetic admixtures and has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties.

Among the advantages of linen, our favourite feature of linen textiles is definitely thermoregulation! Linen creates the best microclimate for human skin and, compared to other fabrics, it is characterised by high moisture absorption. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, it provides a feeling of comfort at any time of the year. During hot summer it provides a pleasant feeling of coolness, while in winter it helps to maintain the right body temperature. This is confirmed by the fact that whoever falls asleep in a linen bedding once does not want to replace it with any other!

What, however, makes linen products, such as linen bedding or linen curtains, extremely durable? It is the strength of a natural fiber. Linen has no tendency to pilling, so linen products look like new even after many years. Over time, the aesthetic value of linen fabric increases. After each washing, yourlinen bedding will be even softer and more delicate, and your favourite linen curtains, despite exposure to sunlight, will not fade and will still look like new. Time is in favour of linen.

This means that linen textiles will serve you for years and can be passed on from generation to generation.

If you are not convinced about linen yet, check it out for yourself!

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