Linen terry towels and cotton towels – which one to choose?

Long baths in lavender salt, rosemary foam or rose petals relax our body, refresh, soothe sore muscles and really relieve stress after a whole day. Health-promoting aromatherapy and home SPA is a ritual that our body and mind will appreciate – especially when we need a moment of rest from everyday struggles and problems. No wonder that, apart from natural cosmetics and soy candles, we pay attention to the towels, which we wrap ourselves with after such a soothing bath. Recently, a question about the properties of terry towels appeared on our Instagram. As you are an eternal inspiration for us, we decided to create a dedicated post that will allow you to get to know these products a bit better.  


Terry is a term describing the fabric woven with many protruding loops of thread, which is produced on specially prepared looms. Its creation is reduced to two warps – the ground warp and pile warp. Due to its unique, plush texture and properties – about which we write a little more below – it is used to create bedding, bathrobes and towels – linen terry towels.

In addition to the “classic” stonewashed linen towels, our offer also includes terry towels. They are made of a cotton base and the already mentioned linen loops, thanks to which they are fluffier and softer. It is thanks to this unique, three-dimensional form that they attract so much interest and boldly compete with other linen products.

linen terry towel


When choosing towels, not only their composition, but also the fabric weight is important. It influences the thickness, making them softer, more durable and more absorbent. Towels with fabric weight over 500g are the most fleshy – we find them mainly in exclusive beauty salons, hotels and our homes. Admittedly, those over 400g are thin, but thanks to this they dry quickly, are light and take up little space. Most often, lightweight towels are taken to the swimming pool or beach if we want to wipe our body from salty water.

The most important advantage of terry towels, thanks to which they dominate towels made of other fabrics, is their hypoallergenic nature. Due to the natural composition (100% European linen), they protect our skin against irritation, providing it with the highest quality care. This skin-friendliness is designed for allergy sufferers or infants who need the most gentle care, keeping the skin’s protective barrier intact.

Linen loops add volume to the towels, thanks to which this model wraps our body much better. Additionally, they gently peel and massage the body, stimulating circulation and thus replacing more invasive sugar or salt-based products.

linen terry towel

In addition, terry towels are absorbent and airy, thanks to which they dry quickly (it is estimated that the towel remains dry to the touch even when it absorbs over 35% of its weight). So it can be said that they are the only ones that combine the most important advantages of both lightweight and heavyweight towels.

This does not mean, of course, that terry towels are better than cotton towels. Their form, finish and texture are completely different and hit completely different needs. So if you value the highest quality, you are looking for a delicate cover, natural fluffiness and safety for your skin, terry cloth will be a better choice that should appear in your bathroom.

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