Linen tea towels – a natural accessory in your kitchen

linen tea towels

Linen tea towels are the queens of every kitchen! Hands up who in his family home remembers tea towels made of natural linen fabric? Extremely absorbent and soft to the touch when we want to wipe our hands or dishes, 100% natural when we need to cover the dough to rise. Why should you choose linen tea towels for your kitchen? What do they apply? And what is their advantage over other kitchen textiles?

Linen is a material obtained from plants – it is natural and does not contain synthetic admixtures. It was used in ancient times, then it was forgotten for a while, and now it has come back and delights again with its properties. Linen tea towels are the perfect solution for wiping your hands. Linen fabric perfectly absorbs moisture, and at the same time dries quickly. Linen has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties – it will work even with very sensitive skin, prone to allergies. There is a myth that linen is a stiff and unpleasant material – stonewashed linen, from which our tea towels are made, is extremely delicate and pleasant to the touch. If you care about the environment, an additional advantage is the fact that our tea towels are ecological and fully biodegradable.

Photos of so linen! linen tea towels from my-full-house photoshoot.

Linen will be perfect for traditional kitchen challenges – thanks to its high absorbency, it will effectively wipe off stains from countertops or wipe wet dishes. In addition, a linen tea towel can be used as a natural material to cover food. This kitchen accessory will also be helpful in activities to which we do not attach much importance. Thanks to resistance to high temperatures, linen will work as a trivet for a hot pot or for a cake taken out of the oven. Linen tea towels are easy to clean – you can safely iron them at a very high temperature, which eliminates bacteria and microorganisms. In addition, it is worth noting that linen is also extremely durable – once bought tea towels will serve us for many years, and over time they will become even softer and more pleasant to the touch.

in the photo from the left linen kitchen towel in dusty pink, true grey and pure white.

Thanks to the wide use of linen tea towels and their minimalist design, you can combine the traditional pragmatism of your grandmother with the modern decor of your own kitchen. We know that many of you start their adventure with linen from them, which is why we have expanded our offer with additional colours that match the modern design of contemporary kitchens. From now on, you can choose true grey and charcoal tea towels for popular kitchen interiors in shades of grey, and a dusty pink linen tea towel that will be perfect for warm pastel kitchens. In addition, we have added a new pattern of tea towels finished with a delicate frillthat can be used as a kitchen towel.

Embroidered bedding for a gift

PS. It is also a great gift idea for a loved one! We can also personalise our tea towel with embroidery, which will make the gift even more intimate.