Linen in the garden and on the balcony – how can you use it for social occasions?

linen tablecloth for a garden

Long conversations in the fresh air can be accompanied by delicious grill snacks and salads with fresh vegetables. At these evening gatherings with friends, we listen to the birds singing, and the nature that surrounds us and awakens us is perfect for colorful drinks and carefully selected dishes.
For social gatherings, lively conversations, and time together with our loved ones, we have created an entry in which we share our ideas for the use of linen on the terrace, in the garden, in wooden beams, and on the balcony.


Balconies, terraces and gardens are our private corner to relax. There we drink our morning coffee and watch the city come to life and watch the children playing and the dog sunbathing in the sun. By cultivating pots of fresh herbs, hanging a colorful garland on the pavilion, and creating stone gardens with fragrant freesias, we also create a seating area where the closest friends are welcomed. Next to the barbecue, we set up a table with chairs, and above the set, we put an umbrella to protect us from sudden gusts of rain and wind. If you spend a refreshing morning, have a family meal, and rest in the evening after a hard day’s work, you should pay more attention to this place by adding linen accessories and enjoying a pleasant rest. 


Linen tablecloth for the garden? On the extendable tables, where we display your favorite appetizers, salads, homemade sauces, sweet fruits and cocktails, linen tablecloths are the main decoration. Classic is complemented by minimalist decorations based on simple dishes, fresh flowers and glass bowls. They are equipped with a decorative flywheel (similar to the so-called skirting) and accompany you in the celebration of elegant and lavish receptions for the youngest as well as for the slightly older hosts and guests.

For lovers of modest lunches in a tight circle, where the main violin plays cheesecake with fruits and aromatic coffee with milk foam, we have prepared table runners or table sets for plates and cutlery. The former will hang free of small tables, while the latter will decorate the table discreetly and mark the space for the guests.

Tablecloth from 100% linen

If you lay out plates, jugs with fresh ice water, plates with grilled potatoes, skewers, and Greek salad, don’t forget to arrange linen napkins. They not only complement the carefully selected dishes but also allow you to wipe your hands with muffin cream or the juice of a juicy watermelon that stands proudly in the middle of the table.

In the evening, when the sun sets on the horizon and the cold wind replaces the warm rays, you can protect yourself with a warm blanket and rubbed pillows dressed in linen covers. Their hygroscopicity, which makes it possible to retain body heat for longer, will make the following hours of conversation more enjoyable. In this pleasant atmosphere you can wait for a beautiful, romantic, orange sunrise.