Linen gifts for Grandma and Grandpa’s Day

Gray linen tablecloth

Grandparents are considered a symbol of warmth, understanding and wisdom. In many cultures, the elderly are considered the most important members of the family, and the knowledge they impart is the most valuable asset among the younger generation. We go to Grandma’s for the most delicious sweet blueberry dumplings, served with hot tea. It is with Grandpa that we talk about history, watching with admiration how his knowledge-filled eyes shine during recalling memories. Thinking about Grandma’s big heart and Grandfather’s understanding advice, a holiday dedicated to them appeared in the calendar. In addition to common conversations and memories, we give them small gifts, thanking them for every moment and a warm word. In a carefully packed box, in addition to cherries in chocolate and warm wool socks, there may be… linen surprises.Gift for Grandparents Day!  


In Poland, the idea of introducing the holiday to our calendar came from … a weekly magazine. The idea of celebrating two new days appeared in the press for the first time in 1964. The main originator, Kazimierz Flieger, proposed that January 21 should be Grandma’s Day, and January 22 – Grandpa’s Day. This custom was quickly written down on the pages of the calendar, becoming an excellent occasion for family celebration.

Gift for Grandparents Day!

Light gray table runner


Grandma – the queen of the kitchen, who can create the most delicious soup for a cold and aromatic poppy seed cake. For such an excellent hostess who expresses her concern through culinary achievements, we can give a linen tablecloth. Classic models made of stonewashed linen bring to mind a country cottage where home-made cottage cheese was prepared. A tablecloth with a frill will make the interior more romantic, perfectly matching the wicker basket filled with fresh fruit. An alternative to the tablecloth is a linen table runner on which Grandma will put a crystal plate with an apple pie. The whole is complemented by linen napkins that can be placed under the glass with Earl Gray, and linen cloths that will facilitate cleaning after the grandchildren visit.

Light gray linen napkins

For a grandmother who struggles with dry skin, give a linen sponge, a thick, moisturising body lotion and salt based on rose petals. A linen turban, which will protect hair after a hot shower, and an olive with a delicate lavender scent, will also help in everyday care. A soft linen robe will complete the gift perfectly.


Grandfather – a master of stories who remembers all the dates and the most important family celebrations. Simply at peace, giving the best advice and a master of gardening, cultivating the sweetest tomatoes.

As a gift, in addition to fishing books and historical albums, you can give him a linen towel with embroidered initials. This natural gift will take care of their sensitive skin and prove that the right material really matters. With a bit of luck, by handing over a linen terry towel you will get an interesting story with a moral. An alternative for it will be a linen kitchen towel, which he takes with him to the summerhouse – wrapping it in a sandwich and a thermos with strawberry compote. During the break in weeding the beds, this small gift is sure to bring a sincere smile on his face.

linen bath towels

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