Linen for the holidays – take it with you when you travel. Linen products for summer!

Holidays – time to start! Finally, come the warm months that are filled with sunshine, long days and vacations. When you go to a tropical beach, the Mediterranean sea and an urban spa, you don’t have to give up on linen fabrics. What’s more – we hope to convince you that your suitcase should include a few linen gadgets – especially if you want to stay in the zero waste spirit while on holiday. So, what is worth taking on holiday?


The sound of sea waves, hot sand, collecting shells, the smell of sea breeze. Snowy mountains, hiking, wonderful landscapes spreading from high peaks. The hustle and bustle of the city, the wonderful sights of the world’s largest capitals, the loud music coming from the city’s pubs and the joy of walking tourists.

No matter where you spend your long-awaited vacation – don’t forget to pack the most important, practical utensils that will make the awaited rest more pleasant.

Apart from the obvious items – like clothes, everyday toiletries and medication – it’s worth throwing a few inconspicuous gadgets into your holiday suitcase. UV filters are always on our list to absorb the rays, turning them into harmless particles. Filters, in whatever form they take, include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which create an invisible film that acts as protection by reflecting and diffusing rays. What is important – we should apply sunscreens not only before relaxing on the beach but also before a mountain hike.

Throw a bottle with a filter in your holiday backpack, whose job is to clean the collected water of any dirt. Trashing bottles will allow you to enjoy the city’s water supply and, in the process, reduce the production of plastic, which is one of the biggest threats to our planet.

Speaking of eco-friendliness, remember to use the products we already have in our bathroom or closet first. Also think about taking linen on vacation. So minimize the consumerist approach to the holidays by choosing reusable packaging and pouring leftover cosmetics into smaller bottles.

Don’t forget to throw in sunglasses, patches, natural electrolytes, antibacterial gel and linen products!

light grey linen blanket with fringes
light grey linen blanket with fringes


Holidays are a special time, requiring equally special solutions.

High temperatures, extreme humidity and water changes are a challenge for our skin, which should always be taken care of no matter the destination. New and often more difficult conditions require constant moisturizing and a natural wrap that gently cares for tanned, wet bodies. So dont forget to leave some room in your suitcase for linen towels, whose softness will wrap your body after a day of sunbathing. Linen terry towels absorb water so effectively that theyre perfect for the beach after a swim or the pool for a quick wipe down before dinner at the hotel.

When taking linen on holiday, dont forget to add to your list the linen hair turbans, which are perfect for a holiday spa. Breathable, natural and absorbent, this formula for our hair is perfect for long-lasting beauty rituals or after an evening of hot tubbing. Plus, the buttoned turban will allow you to relax in comfort on a nearby lounger.

On a mountain hike, its a good idea to have linen hair elastics to hold your braid or bun securely while you take on your favorite activities. Who said that even on the trail, you can not look phenomenal and according to ecological and pro-environmental rules?

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