Linen for a cool night – will linen bedding keep us warm in winter?

Winter is coming – the time of cinnamon tea, candles with the scent of pine needles, a woolen blanket, mulled wine and snow squeaking underfoot . We put summer dresses at the bottom of the wardrobe, replacing them with braided sweaters, and hot and stuffy nights are displaced by cool gusts and the first frost. On our blog, we have already written about the properties of linen bedding, thanks to which summer nights become calmer and more pleasant. Continuing the series, we want to prove that linen bedding will be perfect for the upcoming, slightly colder months.  


It is widely known how important for our life is a peaceful sleep, a comfortable mattress and the highest quality bedding, thanks to which we feel nestled in during a cool night and pleasantly cool in summer. Doctors, psychologists and sociologists repeatedly emphasize that sleep allows us to regenerate our strength, improves our concentration, contributes to the correct hormonal balance, supports the treatment of diseases and addictions. In a word – sleep is the basis of our daily functioning, which is why we devote over 20% of our lives to it.

In winter, proper sleep is particularly important as the lack of light and vitamin D negatively affects our well-being and energy. It is estimated that every fifth of us feels a winter blues, which makes us apathetic, sleepy and constantly tired. Effective sleep, thanks to which our body will calm down and rest from everyday life, is therefore necessary to survive these gray weeks.

white linen bedding

It is with this in mind that one of our main products is linen bedding. We must appreciate it especially now, when the nights are getting longer and the evenings are getting colder.


Linen is magical, which we wrote about several times on our blog. Its amazing properties allow it to cool our body in summer and warm it up during cold winter, as if by magic.

This magic is actually one of the most important features that make cold nights calmer, warmer and so pleasantly enveloping. This ability is called thermoregulation, which consists in maintaining the body temperature in the range optimal for the body. This means that in summer the fabric allows a little more air to pass through, and in winter – it retains the temperature without letting it through. Proper and balanced air circulation under the fabric provides us with spontaneous heating – we can compare it to a closed tube surrounded by heaters. The only difference is that the heat is generated by ourselves, and the natural fabric reduces electrical discharges, so that the skin is not exposed to irritation or unpleasant static electricity.

stonewashed linen bedding

Secondly, linen is hygroscopic. Few people know that its level is almost as high as in the case of wool, which we equate with thick blankets, gloves and socks reaching mid-calf.

Due to hygroscopicity, it is possible to drain excess water. This means that we sweat less under a linen duvet cover, and thus – we reduce the risk of catching a cold when it’s time to wake up in the winter.

The linen pillowcase will perfectly match the warm radiators, hot tea or sizzling fireplace, providing us with this pleasant winter aura that has been in the air since November. In addition, it will create a natural barrier against the cold, will allow you to warm up faster after an evening walk with the dog and will retain heat after a hot shower. Sounds perfect, right?

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