Linen bedding through the eyes of customers. Benefits of sleeping under linen fabrics. Linen bedding reviews.

linen bedding reviews

We can talk a lot about the wonderful properties of linen. We can go on and on about how precious a linen blanket is in the summer and how pleasant it is to wrap up in a linen duvet on a winter’s night. We can inspire you with bedroom design ideas, point out the benefits of natural pillowcases and rave about the slightly wrinkled textures.

  This time we decided to present to you linen bedding reviews, however, and to give the floor to you – our loyal customers who trust not only linen products, but also so linen!  


But before we get into the linen pros and cons, a reminder that each of you can share your opinion. How do you do that?

Find the “linen products reviewstab under the linen product, where you can leave a review, expressed through stars and a comment. We encourage you to leave a few sentences comments, hints and compliments are our driving force, thanks to which we are so happy to sew linen tablecloths or linen pillowcases for you. Nothing stimulates our creativity, motivates and moves us more than the certainty that a linen product has won your heart, permanently residing in your dining room, bedroom or bathroom. We love to read linen bedding reviews.

Linen bedding 200x200
linen bedding in pure white


Not so long ago, we wrote on the blog about the properties of linen bedding. The words of appreciation contained in that post confirm in a way the opinions you leave under our products.

The value most often praised by you is softness, which dispels the myth that linen products are stiff, rough and unpleasant to the skin. Our linen bedding, which undergoes a stonewashed softening process, is extremely soft and subtle.

This opinion is confirmed by Ms. Anna, who, after buying a linen pillowcase with buttons, stated that(. . . ) the linen is soft, nice to the skin, the bedding is sewn very carefully. ” This opinion was confirmed, among others, by Ms. Katarzyna the owner of the pillowcase in true gray color, who wrote in her reviewhigh quality product, beautiful color, wonderfully soft fabric (. . . ).

The softness of linen is especially valuable for bedding that wraps our body for several hours a day. We will reveal to you that the more you use and wash your linen pillowcases, the softer, more delicate and limp the fabric becomes. It makes you want to sleep under it!

Many times, in the context of linen fabrics, we have emphasized how exceptional their durability and resistance to sunlight or high temperatures is. Proper care and following a few simple rules will guarantee its longevity. These words are confirmed by Mrs. Katrin, who chose a linen duvet cover in the shade natural. In her own words, “I have been using this pillowcase for 1. 5 years and it is the best fabric I have ever had(. . . ).These words are also sealed by Mrs Joanna the owner of the true gray duvet cover who in her review wrote, among other things, “Ordered 2 washes ago. Beautifully packed, carefully sewn, nothing deforms after washing(. . . ).

Linen fabric has thermoregulatory and hygroscopic properties. By absorbing moisture and allowing air to circulate freely, it contributes to maintaining the right body temperature, making sleep pleasant in both summer and winter. You can also read about the fact that linen pillowcases make it easier to fall asleep in reviews, whose author is, for example, Ms Alicja, who mentionsBeautiful linen, universal colour, careful workmanship. I wish I had bought sooner. For hot weather, its perfect. ” This review is about a linen summer bedspread in natural shade, which is a perfect replacement for a duvet during hot nights.

Among the biggest advantages we cannot forget about the fact that linen bedding does not electrify, does not require ironing, is ecological and safe for health. It is thanks to it that you gain uninterrupted like a dream, effective rest and – as Czesław Niemen sang – the most beautiful, colourful dreams.

Gray linen bedding
true grey linen bedding


It’s hard for us to talk about the disadvantages of linen, because after years of working with this fabric we mainly notice its valuable properties. Delicacy, production based on environmental safety and 100% naturalness have resulted in a fabric that has had the hallmarks of luxury for thousands of years.

Most often, people considering their first linen purchase think that linen is gritty and creases very easily. In fact, however, softened and used linen bedding is the most delicate form of wrapping, which will be appreciated both by our little ones and those suffering from e. g. skin inflammations.

Linen creasing is one of the most important and unique properties of the fabric. The slightly crinkled effect adds to its originality, freshness and alludes to the classical decorations known from ancient sources. You’ll read about why it’s good to accept creasing in linens soon on our blog, which we invite you to do now!

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