International Friendship Day – linen gifts for your best friend

lniana gumka do włosów

On July 30 we celebrated International Day of Friendship – this relatively young holiday was proclaimed and introduced into our calendars in 2011. It gave us another oportunity to give linen gifts to our friends.

For many of us, this is a special day – after all, a friend is our right hand, a refuge, a support, a helping hand that pats us on the back in moments of doubt. To quote Shakespeare – “What friends you have, choose them, having sifted them to the soul, fasten them with iron hooks. ” – so celebrate and nurture those lasting and important relationships.

In this post we have prepared for you ideas for linen gifts for your friends, which you can give them not only on the occasion of this special holiday.


If your best friend lives with a watch in her hand, counting every minute and running from meeting to meeting – give her a. . time. Linen gifts will be great to use during a moment to yourself.

There is nothing more precious than a moment to yourself where you stop, relax, dedicate yourself to your body, unwind and relax all your muscles. So propose a joint trip to the spa, a delicious dinner in an Italian restaurant or going to the club for agirlsnight out. As a gift, give her such linen gifts as a linen sponge or a linen hair turban to make long baths in lavender foam more pleasant. Nothing relaxes the body like a massage with fine linen fibers and relaxing in the tub with fragrant conditioner on your hair. You can add to the gift handmade bath balls, herbal salt and eucalyptus oil, which relaxes after a hard and intensive day. Dont forget to remind her of the importance of relaxation, how beautiful Greece can be on holiday and how many things we miss when we are always rushing ahead.


linen hair turban
linen terry turban


Is your friend always on the move, unable to sit still and looking for new challenges? For restless souls who love to run, jump and travel and for energetic people who are afraid of being bored, linen practical gifts are ideal. So gift her an exercise mat or a pass to a yoga class. The adrenaline junkie will also enjoy skydiving or racing. Throw in some linen hair accessories to hold your hair in place during intense exercise.

linen hair scrunchie
linen hair scrunchie


If your friend is at the stage of decorating her dream nest and is meticulously looking for accessories for the living room or bedroom come to her aid, linen gifts will be great for the occasion. Listen to her plans, carefully examine the interior, which ultimately is to be her perfect oasis, ask what elements and accessories she is missing. As you help her with her arrangements, prepare a package filled with scented candles, mugs for her first coffee in her new kitchen, and books of decorating inspiration. Dont forget to add some linen pillowcases that will make your romantic bedroom sleep more pleasant or linen curtains that will beautifully decorate your balcony windows in the living room. If you are not sure which colours go best with which style bet on a gift card, thanks to which the recipient will buy the most beautiful gift for themselves. She can get inspiration on instagram so linen!

Blue linen throw
linen blanket with fringes in dusty blue


As your friend discovers a new calling and takes on one of the most difficult, moving and beautiful roles in life tax her for support. Mom-to-be will certainly appreciate a quiet meeting over coffee, during which she will talk about her first experiences with her baby. Homemade cheesecake with crumble or oatmeal cookies will make the afternoon even more enjoyable especially if wrapped in a linen napkin with an engraving. Embroidered words of support, the date or your childs name will surely bring a smile to their face. In addition, give your child linen crib bedding or linen bumpers for the crib, which will take care of the decor in the babys room.

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