Inspirations for Christmas, linen decorations

Dim lights hanging in the windows, the scent of a Christmas tree with gingerbread ornaments, spruce wreath decorating the front door, candles with the scent of caramel apples and pillows dressed in pillowcases decorated with a golden thread. Holidays change our home, giving it magic and coziness, creating a pleasant oasis from every corner where we drink hot chocolate, read books and warm up after a cool walk with our four-legged friend. Among these traditional decorations, it is worth using linen, which thanks to its severity and naturalness will perfectly reflect the magical, festive mood.  


The next months will be marked by Christmas shopping and planning a Christmas Eve meal. This is when the hostess wants to roll up her sleeves to make a ton of dumplings, and the host takes an ax to find the most beautiful Christmas tree in the grove.

Therefore, during the holiday season, the heart of the home is the kitchen and dining room, in the center of which, of course, there is a table. By spreading a linen tablecloth on it, we gain an extremely minimalist and natural decoration, thanks to which apple pie, red borscht and breaded fish will look great. All these elements are perfectly combined with white ceramics, a glass platter, candles with a vanilla aroma and a spruce sprig, which lies on a linen napkin.. The table arrangement will be complemented by a linen table runner, under which we will put fresh, natural hay.


During Christmas of course there are gifts! Among the shapeless boxes and colored paper, under the tree, we find warm socks, cosmetics sets, lots of sweets and scarves that are to protect us from frost. In addition to toys for small children and electronics for slightly larger children, linen must also be present.


We have already written about the properties of linenon our blog. It’s hypoallergenic qualities , durability and ease of care are an excellent argument for these natural gifts to appear under a green Christmas tree. In addition to linen towels with personalized embroidery and linen crib bumpers for the youngest, linen is the decoration of our tree.

Gift wrapping

You can make small bags from linen fabric samples , into which you can put your favorite candies, fudge or chocolate-covered nuts. After tying them with a ribbon or burlap string, they will perfectly replace glass baubles, thus tempting all invited guests. In addition, for slightly less experienced Santa Clauses, we offer help with wrapping gifts. We guarantee that our less waste packaging and paper with minimalist linen twigs will perfectly decorate the bottom of a glowing Christmas tree.


The icing on the cake of all Christmas decorations are, of course, linen curtains and linen sheer curtains. We open them in the morning, letting in the first rays of light, and it is through them that we look at the sky, looking for the first star.

Linen burlap curtain tie backs

Linen burlap curtains are extremely original, modest and strict. Hanging by our windows, they refer to hay spread under the tablecloth, burlap strings decorating gifts and other linen accents placed around the Christmas interior. The boho character of all linen curtains refers to nature, and this in the winter months is extremely inspiring and beautiful. Who knows, maybe thanks to this, on Christmas Eve our four-legged friends will speak to us with a human voice …?

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