How to take care of a linen tablecloth?

linen tablecloth

A family dinner where you serve your favorite cheesecake with crumble and aromatic tomato soup. Dinner for two, where the main role is played by dry wine and pasta with seafood. Breakfast with a fresh bun with poppy seeds and hot coffee. An evening with friends, where a tray of cheese, fruit salad and olives are the main event.

Tablecloths are exposed to permanent stains, frequent washing and creases almost every day. Their role in all these festive meals is irreplaceable – after all, they represent the main and invaluable decoration of our dining room. Inspired by these moments, we have created an entry in which we will tell you how to take care of the linen tablecloth.


Spilled soup, a piece of tomato that escaped from a plate or little bit of sauce that did not fit in a bowl – it doesn’t take much for a fresh linen tablecloth to have to go back to the laundry.

Washing a linen tablecloth or a linen table runner is no different from washing other linen products. In such a situation, we always advise you to avoid drum or rotor washing machines, which can be too invasive and often contribute to a greater crease of the fabric. However, if you can’t wash the linen tablecloth manually, be sure to use the most delicate program and give up strong detergents or bleach. Also, avoid “squeezing” the linen tablecloth with other fabrics – it is extremely important that the linen tablecloth can move freely in the drum. Also, do not squeeze out the water from the fibers freshly after washing – it is better to leave them to air dry .

Tip I: there is a myth that washing destroys linen, and the fabric itself thus loses its uniqueness. In fact, it is the complete opposite – with each wash, linen textiles become softer and the process itself will not damage such a durable weave.

Round lightgray linen tablecloth
linen tablecloth


While we love this natural crease effect that makes linen fabric unique and original, we understand that most of you are considering ironing. So if you are a proponent of elegance, be sure to iron the linen tablecloth at high temperature, only if the tablecloth is still slightly damp. Do not directly iron dry fabric beforehand, it is enough to spritz it with water.

Tip II: Iron linen tablecloths on a soft surface and remember that the real charm of linen lies in this subtle, crushed effect.

Round striped linen tablecloth
Striped linen tablecloth


Flax is an extremely graceful fabric the more often we use it, the more it becomes delicate and soft. So we dont recommend using  linen runners, napkins or tablecloths justfor special occasions by this approach, linen fabric spends most of its life in a drawer, without participating in your daily rituals. The durability of the fabric and the ease of care makes it possible for the tablecloth to decorate our tables during both ordinary everyday life and exquisite dinners. The storage of linen tablecloths is no different from the storage of other linen products. So its best to either fold them into cubes or hang them on a rack in a closet or wardrobe (its better to give up the classic hangers that can crush the fabric in an unnatural and unaesth aesthetic way). You can learn about other tips for flax from our Instagram posts.

Tip III: When folding and storing tablecloths in the closet, be sure to leave them some free space. Do not squeeze the fabrics anddo not forcethem into the closet.

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