How to decorate a wedding hall with linen? Be inspired naturally!

How to decorate a wedding hall with linen? Be inspired naturally!
Wedding preparations can be as magical as the wedding ceremony itself. Tasting cakes, choosing the colour of accessories and looking for inspiration to decorate the hall are extremely satisfying for both the future wife and husband. We believe that for many couples the stages of preparing “this” day combine excitement and sweet impatience. How to decorate a wedding hall with linen? We know that you often want to use linen at your wedding – that’s why we have created a series of wedding posts, where natural accents play a significant part. Continuing the theme of a wedding in the boho style – we present you a handful of inspirations that can be used when decorating a chapel, hall, buffet or gazebo, in which you can say the most beautiful “yes”.


The smell of mowed grass, the warmth of the setting sun and the beautiful, natural landscape of orchards are the perfect background for the most beautiful emotions. Perhaps this is why an outdoor wedding has become such a popular form of declaring your love? How to decorate a wedding hall with linen?

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Celebrations that take place in gardens and gazebos lit with garlands perfectly match the minimalist and natural linen. In addition to richly decorated tables, wooden lanterns and bouquets in tall pots, it is a perfect idea to create a makeshift backdrop for the main part of the ceremony. By hanging light, translucent materials on the trees (e.g. linen sheer curtains) we will be inspired by the boho style. In front of the created wall, place wooden chairs on which the invited family and closest friends will eventually sit. Prepare for them soft, decorative pillows in linen pillowcases and small bouquets with wild flowers.


When arranging wedding halls, we take care of: round tables where our loved ones sit, the dance floor where we dance our First Dance, a bar filled with colourful drinks and a decorated main entrance announcing the party. In addition to these important points, the “icing on the cake” are small accents that add up to the entire chosen arrangement.

How to decorate a wedding hall with linen? The perfect complement to these elements are, among others linen tablecloths. Models with a frill will add an extremely romantic character, reminiscent of parties straight from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Plain tableclothes will retain a minimalist, rustic style. Natural colors – beige, white, warm navy blue and pink – will perfectly match the soaring ceiling, wooden floor and fresh bouquets of flowers. Such beautiful bouquets will beautifully complement the glass or porcelain vases set in the middle of wedding tables. In addition to hand-painted plates and crystal glasses, place also linen napkins with delicate embroidery presenting the initials of the future spouses.

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Near the dance floor, we very often decide on a fancy buffet, offering vanilla cupcakes, chocolate brownie with nuts, eclairs filled with cream filling and warm apple pie with a pinch of cinnamon. Sweet scents go well with country side dishes – homemade preserves, fresh pickled cucumbers and baked specialties. The tastings prepared in this way should be placed on a linen table runner, which will perfectly match this fusion of flavours, scents and colours.

How to decorate a wedding hall with linen? Apart from all the linen decorations and attention to the smallest details, do not forget about one thing – the joy that your wedding day gives you. Enjoy the moment, the toasts made, and the loved ones who accompany you in these beautiful memories.

Finishing this post, let us quote words from the movie “When Harry Met Sally” (1989). We wish you to sincerely believe during this day that – “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

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