How to clean linen from dog and cat hair?

jak czyścić len

“We are alone on this random planet. Of all the life forms that surround us, none but the dog has made an alliance with us,” so wrote the Belgian poet, Maeterlinck. The sound of dogs’ paws hitting the panels. Barking of joy when we get home. Purring over your ear in the morning. Every lover and owner of four-legged friends knows those beautiful moments that become an indispensable part of our everyday life. That is why sometimes a questions appears, how to clean linen from dog and cat hair ? That’s why this week we have prepared for you a truly “animal” entry. A few simple tricks will show you that sleeping with your dog or kitten can be extremely pleasant. . . and safe for linen bedding. How to clean linen from dog and cat hair ?


Linen is one of the most durable fabrics on the textile market. Already in ancient times, when this unusual plant was discovered, it was appreciated mainly for its longevity and resistance to weather conditions. According to legends – rulers and clergymen wore linen robes, confident that these would last for many years and become a symbol of their high social rank. What’s more – linen has antistatic properties, which means it doesn’t attract dust and hair as much as, for example, electrifying polyester.

This durability is so impressive that dog or cat hair does not affect the texture or appearance of the linen bedding or linen bedspread. The biggest problem (or actually difficulty) is to safely and effectively get rid of it from the chosen fabric, thus still providing it with an aesthetic finish. So, dog hair how to get rid of? How to clean linen from dog and cat hair ?


Our Maxes, Buddies, Milos, and Cocos are the best companions of everyday life. They are the ones we walk with in the morning, they are the ones who snack on the leftovers from our plate, and they are the ones we hug at the end of a long day. So it’s no wonder that dog or cat hair is a permanent guest in our home, appearing on bedding, blankets, pillows, the couch, and our clothes.

Fortunately, a few simple ways will help you get rid of the fluffy fur from your favorite linen set or linen sheet.

How to clean bedding from fur? The quickest and easiest way is to use a roll of adhesive tape. Thanks to the adhesive layer, you can collect excess hair from selected areas of the fabric either locally or over the entire surface. Keep in mind, however, that this method will mainly work for short and stiff hair that gets caught on, for example, a linen tablecloth.

If you want to collect more fluffy hair, rubber or latex gloves will be an alternative to a roller. Spray them with water on the inside, then pick up your pet’s accumulated hair in a sliding motion. You can replace the glove with a classic dishwashing sponge.

Twice a year our pet “changes” its coat, adapting to different temperatures and weather conditions. This process is short but intense, so the best way will be to regularly groom our shaggy friend. Veterinary brushes or combs will work best for this purpose. However, if there is a lot of hair – soak a sponge or a mitt with rinsing liquid (which contains anti-static properties) and wipe the linen fabric with it.

blue linen bedspread
dusty blue bedspread


Check out our blog for a full tutorial on how to wash linen fabrics. We often also give advice on Instagram. In a nutshell, we just remind you that maintaining the correct temperature and wash mode is key. For accumulated hair, its a good idea to pour an electrostatic fluid preferably naturally formulated into your washing machine to rinse the hair out of your clothes or bedding while nurturing your unique fibers.

There are also specialized balls or wipes available in drugstores, which whirl with dirty fabrics and collect lint left by four-legged pets. Their formula is completely safe – it does not adhere to the fibers or damage their weave.

Striped linen bedspread with fringe
fringed bedspread grey stripes

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