How to choose the right tablecloth size for your table?

how to choose the tablecloth size

How to choose the size of the tablecloth that will fit your table and will bring out the style of the space? Learn a few simple tips and see how easy it is! The tablecloth is the quintessence of the table. Too short will not fit well, too long will give the impression of heaviness and disturb the harmony of the interior. It is worth paying a little more attention to it and finding out how to choose the size of the tablecloth so that it fits perfectly with our favourite table ♥

And the matter is simpler than it might seem – when choosing, remember two basic issues: the size and shape of the tabletop and the length of the so-called overhang. When we consider a few of the rules described below, choosing a tablecloth should no longer be a problem.  

First, you should carefully measure the table top. For square tables, it is enough to specify the length of one side, for rectangular tables, we measure the length and width, and for round tables, the diameter. The oval tables seem to be the most challenging, which can be a typical geometric oval or a rectangle with rounded corners. However, here, too, the most important thing will be to determine the parameters of the table top at the longest and the widest point.

The second step is to determine the length of the desired overhang, that is, to determine the length of the tablecloth , measured from the edge of the table. For this purpose, it is worth sitting down at the table and checking the distance between our knees and the table top. Too long fabric will look massive, and at the same time there is a risk of getting caught on the tablecloth when getting up from the table … and a disaster is ready 😉

On the other hand, when the fabric is too short, it looks not very elegant and drapes badly. The optimal and recommended overhang length is 20-25 cm. Shorter overhangs, e.g. 10-15 cm, are recommended for decorative benches and tables, when we do not want the tablecloth to cover, for example, decorative table legs. With the right interior style, you can also afford a floor-length tablecloth. With this type of tablecloth, it is worth choosing a delicate material so as not to overload the arrangement and choose, for example, a stonewashed linen tablecloth.

Having the above data, we can easily determine the ideal size of the tablecloth:

  • square and round table – we add double the value of the overhang to the side length or to the diameter

example: a square table has a side of 100 cm, we choose an overhang of 25 cm

FORMULA: 100 cm + (2 x 25 cm) = 150 cm --> TABLECLOTH: we need a tablecloth 150 cm x 150 cm

example: a round table has a diameter of 100 cm, we choose an overhang of 20 cm

FORMULA: 100 cm + (2 x 20 cm) = 140 cm --> TABLECLOTH: we need a tablecloth with a diameter of 140 cm. Tables with square and round tops are very often chosen as tables for the living room. For classic round table tops, we recommend tablecloths with a border, which adds weight to the edges of the tablecloth and makes the fabric neatly arranged.

How to choose the tablecloth size
Photo by @marta_wojtysiak. In the photo classic linen tablecloth.
  • rectangular / oval table – we add a double value of the overhang to the length and width of the table

example: a rectangular / oval table measures 100 cm x 160 cm, we choose an overhang of 25 cm

FORMULA: [100 cm + (2 x 25 cm)] na [160 cm + (2 x 25 cm)] --> TABLECLOTH: : we need a 150 cm x 210 cm tablecloth.

To give the interior a warm character, it is worth choosing rectangular tables with a tablecloth with a frill.

In the photo prewashed linen ruffled tablecloth in natural colour. From the right a photo by Make Cooking Easier.

The best solution is a tablecloth tailored to the table. If you still have doubts about how to choose the size of the tablecloth and you do not know what tablecloth you need – contact us! We know (almost) everything about tablecloths! 😉

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