How is Mother’s Day celebrated in the world and what is its history?

A year ago we published an entry on our blog with suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts. Many of them are still up-to-date and can serve as inspiration for a heartfelt gift. If you want to give your mother a linen present, we invite you to refresh it. Out of love for our loved ones, we will formulate something different this year. We invite you on a journey that will show you how our distant and close neighbors celebrate a warm and hearty feast.
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By searching for different historical sources, we learn that the feast of the Mother has its roots in many different cultures. A single root leads us to ancient Egypt, where Isis was worshipped, a goddess who was the model of the ideal mother. As the protector of King Horus, she received respect and recognition. In Egypt, a civilization that propagates the cult of beauty, it has been equated with luxury, pomp and quality flax. The gifts that the deities worshipped were also based on the cloth that proudly filled the chapels. The second root leads to ancient Greece, where the goddess Rei was sacrificed – according to her belief of the Mother of the Universe.

Mother’s Day at that time dates back to 1858 when Mother’s Labor Day was proclaimed in the United States. A few years later, the name was changed to “Mother’s Day for Peace”, and in 1905 May was designated “Mother’s Day. ”

Interestingly, the day overseas falls on the second Sunday in May, while in Poland the date has been constant for over 100 years.



Before 26 May fell, the festival was celebrated in pre-war Poland two weeks before. The organization of this special day was the Polish Red Cross.

Today we mostly celebrate it in an individual and intimate way. Some of us organize a dinner with our parentsfavorite meal, others send flowers to their mother, and the youngest ones make a laurel out of colored paper. All this is complemented by small gifts in the form of a SPA voucher, small jewelry with a small eyelet, gift cards, and linen bed linen and tablecloths to make family celebrations more enjoyable.

At so linen! since we know how important it is to pay attention to the smallest details, we suggest packing gifts in the spirit of less waste.


In Italy, Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays for family celebrations and gatherings with loved ones. The most beautiful gift the offspring give is. . . Peace and relaxation, so you can recover from the hustle and bustle of housework. Then the children exchange seats with their parents, prepare a sumptuous dinner or invite the family to a local restaurant. The whole thing is complemented by a traditional cake, reminiscent of the famous cheesecake – obligatory heart-shaped.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is equated with flowers – usually large, massive bouquets decorated with freshly cut plants or gifts from nature. They complement both small and expensive gifts, and besides jewelry with gemstones and chocolates with nougat, there are luxurious cosmetics and interior decorations.

Interestingly, Mother’s Day is celebrated “usually” in Arab countries, assuming that they should celebrate it every day. Following this beautiful idea, the feast is celebrated in a minimalist way – usually with a day together and a small symbolic gift that confirms eternal gratitude and sincere love.

At the end of today’s article, we take the liberty of quoting a French writer Madeleine Delbrer who wrote: “A mother would be able to invent happiness to give it to her children.

This mutual happiness wishes you and your mothers (not only on May 26th) the linen team! ♥