Give your mom a linen gift!

May 26 is one of the most beautiful and magical days of the year in Poland. It is then, in the rush of the day and a multitude of duties, that we find time to talk and meet our beloved Mom. It is her, with undisguised emotion in her eyes, who offers us tea and biscuits, shyly unwrapping a gift, given straight from the heart.

  Last year, we created a post taking a look at the history of Mother’s Day celebrations. Continuing this theme, we have prepared for you some inspiring ideas to make the gift given for Mother’s Day even more beautiful!  


Thinking of all Mums who bake the most delicious cheesecake with fruit, for masters who specialize in aromatic soups, and for culinary eccentrics who love to experiment with new recipes, we offer sets that will allow you to create the most delicious dishes.

All cooking enthusiasts, collectors of culinary books, and admirers of functional gadgets for the kitchen will be pleased with the linen kitchen towels, they will be great to wipe their hands, wet from kneading dumplings. To complete the set, linen napkins are a good addition, which our Mom uses to line the baskets for fresh baked goods and cookies. The package can be decorated with natural spice blends, an apron in tea roses, and small jars for homemade preserves.

pink linen napkins
dusty pink linen napkin


A traveler who knows no borders, open to new destinations and cultures, will be pleased with gifts that are practical and evoke memories of the home she left behind. For those crazy lovers of exploring the infinite and for devotees of planning new trips, weve created linen towels with personalization options. Their delicate and natural form perfectly complements baths in the SPA, it is perfect for a long rest on a hot beach and complements the shortages in less luxurious hotels.

Initials, a date, or a short slogan in the form of personalized embroidery will accompany your mom during these expeditions. We guarantee that every time your Mom unpacks the bag, she will smile at the thought of a gift from her little one. Dont forget to add a travel scale to your gift, a set of mini products, and a handy make-up bag to store your most important feminine treasures.

linen towels
natural linen towels


We have also prepared something for Mom – the aesthete who plants flowers in the garden, takes care of every inch of her beds, carefully selects textiles and loves relaxing in a hot tub (preferably accompanied by aromatic oils and candlelight!). So if your Mom arranges her home with meticulous care, loves cohesive decorations and relaxing in the foam, she will surely be moved by the sight of a paper box with the so linen logo!

When creating a gift, choose a linen duvet cover or pillowcase. Opt for dusty pink if she loves English romanticism or true gray if she prefers American lofts. Add potpourri sachets which she can hang up in her wardrobe, lavender-scented incense sticks, and a linen hair turban to make her evening beauty rituals more enjoyable. The latter will become a perfect excuse for a relaxing moment for yourself so precious in the face of everyday duties. You can read about how valuable a linen turban is in our blog post titled How can linen take care of your hair? You can see all the beautiful linen gifts on our Instagram.

linen hair turban
linen terry turban


Mom, who is a true champion of family celebrations, an admirer of hosting her friends and taking care of intergenerational relations, will be happy to see a linen tablecloth. It is on which, during the next feast and celebration, she will set a platter with hot soup, display a cake, and other delicious dishes. A linen table runner will decorate it all and host friends at a holiday barbecue.

A gift for Mom – the queen of the home – can be enriched with a photo album, a card with the signatures of all the children and grandchildren, and crystal glasses, in which she will serve her favorite wine.

We wish all mothers, on the occasion of their special day, talks full of emotions and dream meetings with their children. As Georg Herbert wrote A good mother is worth more than a hundred teachers so we wish all Mums the opportunity to teach, and their children to learn from that teaching.

– so linen! team.

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