Gift Ideas for Father’s Day – 5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. On June 23rd we can celebrate the bond with our Dad, who taught us how to fix a car, make a campfire, put together wooden planes, or change a wheel on a bicycle. We believe that spending time together is the most beautiful gift, but the perfect complement is a dedicated gift that you wrap in elegant paper or a colorful gift box. As inspiration, we have put together 5 ideas for universal Father’s Day gifts that you can use at this year’s celebration (and beyond). We present our gift ideas for Father’s Day.


They say the best chefs are men, so a gift that supports all culinary feats is sure to put a smile on your father’s face. If you love the sumptuous dishes of your father, who makes fresh salads, creamy sauces and juicy meat dishes like a magician, give him linen utensils for the kitchen. Which gift ideas for Father’s Day can be realized with so linen!?

Grab a linen kitchen cloth that is characterized by its high liquid absorption capacity. So your father can quickly wipe spilled water or clean his hands with glaze. Thanks to their high heat resistance, the dishcloths are a perfect replacement for oven gloves for example, when straining potatoes and steaming noodles.

Napkins or tablecloths are ideal for chefs who, despite their great culinary talent, do not know how to serve dishes or set the table.

Inspiration: In addition to the dishcloths or linen napkins there is a glamorous glass plate, a cookbook, or a barbecue accessory set. This package makes your father a real family feast king by serving baked skewers or aromatic seafood. These are the best linen gift ideas for a father who likes to cook.

Linen cloths as a gift for Dad
linen bedsheets in a natural arrangement


If your dad doesn’t like surprises and his favorite gifts are the ones he bought himself, then bet on reliable gift cards.

The truth is, we know ourselves best in the world. That’s why the cards are the perfect gift idea for the perfectly organized dad who is renovating a bedroom or looking for an idea to try natural, organic products.

Calm down, you decide how much the present is for Dad. One-piece costs 50 PLN – add to the shopping cart as much as the value of the gift voucher.

Inspiration: Add sweet chocolates withcreamy filling or colorful socks to the card envelope, which is contrary to popular belief a very successful and functional accessory. These gift ideas for Dad will work well for everyone.

Gift card as a gift for Dad
gift card


Your dad deserves the best. It is therefore worth giving him the attention and tenderness he has so far refused. If he mentioned between the sentences that he is jealous of Mom’s soft blanket or fluffy slippers, then give him his own dreamlike softness.

In this role, linen towels will be ideal, which he takes to the swimming pool and with which he takes care of irritated skin after shaving.

We offer classic towels as well as terry and waffle models. The former are characterized by a gentle, airy formula; The second gently massage the body through the fine, convex loops, and the waffle model resembles the design of an absorbent honeycomb.

Inspiration: Add a favorite book or package to help your dad create his own personal, relaxing care ritual.

Linen waffle towel as a gift for Dad
Linen towels in natural and pure white


How many times have you seen Dad steal your mother’s colorful bathrobe? He looked a bit funny, but perhaps it was a sign that he found the prospect of gently wrapping himself up after a refreshing shower or a long bath particularly appealing?

Yes, male skin deserves the same attention as female skin. That’s why we have prepared full-size bathrobes in our range – from S to XL.

Linen bathrobes are one of the hottest products in our assortment. No wonder after all, thanks to it, we have luxuriously protected even the most demanding, sensitive skin. All this thanks to 100% flax, which absorbs the remaining water from the epidermis and then drains it outwards. Interestingly the natural fabric wraps on a cold evening and cools gently in hot summer. Magic!

Inspiration: Put comfortable slippers or a bottle of your favorite wine in your bathrobe to make your father feel like a true lord on an English country estate.

PS. We recommend that you follow us on Instagram and browse through our outlet, where we place the exhibition products at reasonable prices. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your inspiration for the most beautiful gifts for Daddy there?

Herbert always said, “A father is more than a hundred teachers. We wish all fathers (and their children) this constant learning and the joy of the knowledge imparted!

Terry linen bathrobe

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