Christmas gifts made of linen

The most beautiful time of the year is coming. In addition to shorter days, morning frosts and creaking snow, you can feel the holiday aura in the air. It’s Christmas, which is shrouded in family warmth, positive emotions and gifts that we give to our loved ones. We will tell you that both under the Christmas tree and in a large, red sock, we can find gifts for slightly larger children. After all, age should not be an obstacle to receive a gift from a mysterious snow giver. If you want to become Santa Claus, Snowflake or a Jack Frost, we have prepared a handful of inspirations for you for linen, Christmas gifts.  


Christmas is the smell of sweet cheesecake, the aroma of spicy borscht, mushrooms prepared for ravioli and cabbage, which we stuff the dumplings with. Sitting down with a meal is the main point of the Christmas Eve celebration, so it is worthwhile to include gifts under the Christmas tree for the main cook and lover of serving the most delicious dishes.

In addition to cookbooks, Teflon pans and an apron with snowflakes, we can give you linen tablecloths that will be the main decoration of the dining room. Finished with a frill, they reflect the romantic character, perfectly matching with crystal glasses or golden tableware. Classic linen tablecloths are not only minimalist, but also elegant and modest in their form. You can use them both at a summer garden party, during a birthday, and next year, when waiting for the first star.

An alternative to them will be linen table runners or linen napkins. For a crazy chef who will always get his sleeve dirty or spill chocolate on the counter, we have prepared linen kitchen towels that will allow you to deal with dirt. To such a set, add natural spices in glass jars and a recipe journal for collecting and coming up with the most delicious recipes.


In winter, bears fall into a long sleep that allows them to survive those frosty and unfavorable months. During the autumn evenings and winter nights, we are also more and more willing to sit in the company of blankets and fluffy pillows. For lovers of night sessions and long mornings in bed, we have prepared linen bedding. Their delicacy and thermoregulatory properties ensure a soothing night, restful sleep and a pleasant wrap, when snow drifts form outside the window. Additional warmth is added by linen blankets, which, together with a linen duvet cover, will protect you from the cool breeze.

Combine linen sheets with warm slippers or wool socks with pompoms, and a good crime story or Christmas DVD movies.

white linen blanket


Winter walks contribute to burning thighs, a red nose and an unpleasant chill. One of the best ways to relax and get your temperature back to normal is with a hot foam bath. Therefore, under the Christmas tree, there should be linen towelsthat will wrap us after a bath, and linen sponges that spread the aromatic gel over our skin. An alternative for them are gift cards, thanks to which our lover of bathing can choose himself how he will enjoy this winter SPA.

linen terry towel

For the gift box decorated with coloured paper and satin ribbon, do not forget to add chocolate bubble bath, cinnamon candle and good wine, which will make a long relaxation in the foam pleasant.

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, the whole So Linen team would like to express their best wishes to you! 🙂

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