Christmas gift guide for Dad

Outside the window you can slowly see the frost, the nights are getting longer, and steam is escaping from your mouth. It’s a sign that winter is in full swing, and in a few days the family celebrations will begin. We’re starting to think about what gifts for dad, for mom, and for other family members to choose.

In the midst of planning gourmet meals, inviting family over for Christmas Eve dinner, and decorating interiors with Christmas in mind, it’s time to. . gifts! After all, nothing makes you happier than to see how touched you are when you unwrap a present from under the Christmas tree.

In today’s post we’ve put together a gift box for your assertive, caring, and sometimes crazy Fathers. We hope the following post will address a frequently asked question: how to choose a gift for Dad?


Our fathers are very often the souls of the company, leaders of family parties, and kings of the grill, serving the most delicious steaks. Such expressive extroverts often push us forward, motivate us to action and very often take great pleasure in creating innovative, crazy recipes with which they surprise friends and family members.

So if your Dad is a master of ribs, fresh salads, and creating beer-based dressing create a cooking-related gift that hell look forward to waiting under the green Christmas tree. Add to the package a set of steel spoons and tongs for the grill, as well as linen cloths to help wipe hands smeared with firelighters. An alternative to such a  package will be a gift consisting of a colorful, funny apron or a chefs hat, interesting spices and marinades for meat, large beer mugs, or a linen runner, which will decorate the table in a few seconds and create a perfect arrangement for aromatic, show-off dishes. A similar task will be fulfilled by linen placemats, which will decorate the table of any crazy host in an effective and low-maintenance way.

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Our Dads are often reserved observers and quiet and soothing refuges who would jump into the fire for a daughter or son. Behind a thick shell, they often hide a soft interior that shrugs as they watch their offspring grow up.

So if your Dad loves the warmth of a home fireplace, a good book and loose coffee in a big mug with an ear, give him a little of that peace of mind. Put a favorite novel or storybook in a starburst or bauble box, add a new coffee maker, and give him linen bedding to soothe him to sleep. The set in charcoal shade will wonderfully complement a mans bedroom, enchanting with its warm, dark shade and valuable, natural properties. An alternative to it will be a linen pillowcase in natural linen shade, which, due to its universality, will appeal to fathers who love minimalistic and simple solutions.


Our fathers love to have their own space, a place to think, their own oasis where they can escape from everyday life and peacefully devote themselves to their passion. Very often this place is the garage, where every car lover can devote himself to handicrafts with meticulous care.

If your Dad loves messing around with the car engine, feels great in the company of grease and the sound of banging metal wrenches, give him a gift that supports this unique hobby. Stash a set of screwdrivers in a large cardboard box, as well as a linen cloth to wipe the sweat off his forehead or wipe your hands of oil and dust. With durable fibers your Dad can wash it often without worrying about it losing its shape or breaking from overuse. The box also cant miss sturdy, thick gloves and a pass to a museum of old, vintage vehicles.

linen waffle towel
linen waffle towel


Some Dads are volcanoes of energy, travelers who base their entire lives on sports and activity. It concerns both fathers-fans, who follow every minute of the game with cries on their faces, but also runners, swimmers and walkers, who cannot imagine a day without several minutes of keeping in perfect shape.

So under the colorful Christmas tree hide a pass to your favorite teams game, stash a water bottle, hide airy compression socks to ensure proper blood circulation while jogging. Dont forget to throw in a linen towel for a hot, post-workout shower and a linen sponge to stimulate circulation, warm up after a winter walk, and help cope with recurring soreness.

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