Celebrate Earth Day… with a natural fabric such as LINEN!

Each year on April 22nd we think about the environment that surrounds us, the home to flora and fauna: we celebrate Earth Day. On this day we try to recall how important our pro-ecological activities are as well conscious consumption decisions and caring about needs of our Planet aside from our own needs. It is a perfect opportunity to practice recycling and to think of some alternative ways of f.e. body care. By using what nature gives us we are able to curb big industry which has been constantly violating our fragile ecosystem. Even a small change can constrain exploitation of our planet’s resources. It’s not only profitable for future generations but it’s also easier than we thought.  


Switching from plastic containers to paper, changing bottled water to filtered tap water and, of course, recycling are the simplest pro-ecological activities, implementation of which has a profound impact on our environment.

Earth Day, which is held during the spring equinox on the northern hemisphere, has been established to propagate these simple habits. This equilibrium between night and day evokes metaphorical and cultural meaning. According to ancient beliefs this is the exact moment when the nature wakes up to life and bears fruit of yield necessary for preservation of all the species.

The initiative began more then 50 years ago, during one of the UNESCO conferences, when the environmental problem was issued and it was pointed out that the planet is our common good that should be taken care of by everybody. A moving speech by one of the lecturers revolutionised the approach towards ecology. A year later, all over the world, International Day of Mother Earth was established. In 2010 the festival got it’s official name which is Earth Day.


Very light, linen fabric , was widely used even in the ancient Egypt. Those were times when linen symbolised splendour, sense of aesthetics and the highest, in fact, royal quality. Only a small part of society – priesthood mostly – could afford linen decorated canvases and robes.

Even this small reminder of history makes us understand how precious fabric the linen is. It’s endurance and the fact that it’s naturally acquired has made it popular and appreciated for thousands of years. Although it used to be reserved only for the wealthiest part of society – nowadays it’s achievable for everybody.

A romantic frill can decorate a place for rest at your home. It would enhance feeling of safety and help to create a genuine oasis of relaxation. In this place your child will dream most beautiful dreams and listen to the first books read by parents. White frill would fulfil a Scandinavian room of twins, a pink one would be loved by a future princess of a great castle, and dark-grey would evoke an image of a sky for a future astronaut. The frills would perfectly compose with f.e. baby grows with Easter eggs painted on them or with a book inspired by Easter heroes.


As the famous ‘butterfly effect’ claims – even a small change can bring plenty of incredible and important results.

Polyester sheets, which we buy in popular discount stores and super-markets, are being made through complicated chemical processes. Polymers, which are used in these processes and which cannot be found in nature, have negative impact on our environment and are not recommended to contact with our skin. Statistics say that more then 60% of textile industry’s production lies upon this fabric.

By replacing polyester sheets with the linen sheets we can reduce a feeling of unpleasant electrifying. We get a fabric which is breathable and pleasant to our skin. Universal colours will make them perfectly compose into eclectic, wicked bedroom as well as into calm, rustic interior inspired by Provence huts.


Our newbies deserve what’s best. Despite giving them healthy nutrition, spending time with them, teaching them first emotions and accompanying them in their first memories, we should also take care of their relaxed, comfortable sleep. The weaves of lnianej pościeli dziecięcej provide durability and perfectly sustain laundry. We prepared a wide pallet of colours which harmonize with a fairytale girly bedroom as well as a room of a future football player.