Body pillow – a pillow that changes your sleep

body pillow dla kobiet w ciąży

We have mentioned many times that we love to surprise you. Every moment we look for inspiration to expand our offer by introducing ever more courageously new, natural raw materials and components– e. g. buckwheat hulls or hemp. That’s why we are writing today’s entry for a long cushion, which is particularly noticeable in American superproductions. Of course, we are talking about Body Pillow – this long pillow for pregnant women is the “friend” and companion of all patients who undergo regular rehabilitation.


Body pillow is particularly popular in the USA, but in fact, the first models were made in Japan. A long, rectangular pillow first appeared in the Far East, and the original name dakimakura refers to two Japanese words: daki hug; Makura pillow.

The interest in long pillows is above all the result of the unusual shape that adapts perfectly to the body and relieves almost all areas of the spine. In Japan, it is also considered a dupe for a partner. . . and makes it easier to fall asleep for those who don’t want to feel lonely. It can be seen as a cozy, health-promoting, nocturnal companion that calms, relaxes, and ensures a pain-free morning. Do you know which health-promoting properties of the body pillow help in falling asleep every day?


How often have you happened to wake up with headaches or discomfort of the cervical spine? Do your limbs go numb at night? You dream of falling asleep at 8-9 months pregnant, but your child loves to stagger and disturb you when you fall asleep?

If you are familiar with the problems, it is worth using a backrest in the form of a long, soft cushion that can be placed on both your back and abdomen. Lumbar support is the ideal way to relieve the spine of a pregnant woman or to alleviate orthopedic or rheumatoid problems. These cushions are so flexible that they can be adjusted as desired, so they can be adapted to your needs and possible injuries.

It is important to remember that the Body Pillow is not only perfect for the bedroom but also on the couch, at movie screenings, or in the garden when you organize a family picnic.

body pillow properties


There are artificial pillows on the market i. e. filled with polyester and plastic which are lighter and cheaper, but also provide an ideal environment for the propagation of mites and microbes. Their appearance not only negatively affects well-being and concentration but can also contribute to coughing, hay fever, and skin allergies. The natural filling and the linen cover ensure that air circulation is maintained. Inside the cushion, there is no moisture and high temperature, which nourishes bacteria. Instead, the linen pillowcase has magical heat-regulating properties, i. e. it cools in summer, makes it easier to fall asleep on hot nights, and wraps up comfortably in icy temperatures outside. In addition, the natural filling adapts better to the body and does not lose its softness and elasticity, even after months of use.

The natural linen body pillow guarantees you not only a wonderful relaxation with a hot tea or your favorite book but also a restful and painless sleep. Thus, we have managed to combine aesthetics with naturalness and health, of which we are proud.

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