Beautiful bathroom accompanied by linen

The bathroom is a zone of relaxation, rest, and a place where you find a moment for yourself. It is in this inconspicuous interior that we relax in a fragrant foam, drink wine while reading a book, style our hair, and put on delicate makeup for everyday life. This interior is often the heart of the home, which must combine aesthetics with valuable functionality. This task can be difficult, especially if we are faced with a small area and arrangement adversities. On offer so linen! we have prepared a wide range of products that can appear in your bathroom. What’s more – in the past few months alone, we’ve added a handful of new products that will bring some natural magic and unique qualities to this space. Check out our range of linen bathroom products!


Our absolute bestseller, which has become the flagship product of our bathroom collection. All this is due to their properties, which reign over artificial towels (such as microfiber). The natural weave and softened fabric soothe the most demanding skin, reducing the risk of allergies. Their durability will withstand frequent laundering, and their absorption capacity means that the towels dry in no time.

classic towel

Among the available models, you will find the classic version, which, due to its minimalist and austere form, will perfectly fit into bathrooms modeled on the northern style. Their light form alludes to the beauty of simplicity, evoking natural fields of grain.

linen terry towel
terry towels

The terry version is ideal for people who get cold easily and love to wrap themselves in towels with a thicker weight. In addition, the fine linen loops massage the body after bathing, stimulating circulation and exfoliating the skin.

waffle towels
waffle towels

The third option, of course, is the waffle towel, which fits wonderfully in rustic or boho interiors. So if nature reigns in bathrooms, the honeycomb version is a decorative hit.


Our inconspicuous gadget can be placed on the shower shelf. Thanks to their comfortable design, bathing has never been so enjoyable and efficient. The natural linen sponge spreads the oil or bath cream, enhancing its lather and massaging the demanding, delicate skin at the same time. A version of peeling additionally massages it, stimulating circulation and eliminating the appearance of cellulite. The soft version is ideal for atopic and sensitive skin that requires special attention and safe, non-invasive products. The softened linen loops are completely safe, soft, and pleasant for the skin both adult and young fans of fragrant baths.

terry sponge


A new product that has been added to our offer in recent weeks. Natural bathroom mats are the answer to all artificial mats, which contribute to the proliferation of bacteria and maintain high humidity in the air. In contrast, our mats are germicidal, delicate, and minimalistic in their form, so they do not disturb the chosen aesthetics and arrangement. The chosen colors and forms are extremely versatile, thanks to which they will wonderfully compose in both simple, Scandinavian interiors, as well as in eclectic bathrooms, teeming with color and variety of forms.

white linen bathroom mat
bathroom mat


The linen turbans were created for hair-lovers who like to take care of their hair in a spectacular way. Linen provides them with the necessary protection, enhancing the effectiveness of all treatments and care rituals. Plus, the turbans enhance the natural curl of your hair, and the sewn-in loop and coconut button allow you to oil your hair without worrying about damaging or staining your bedding and pajamas. Turbans are available in three versions classic, waffle and terry. The former is distinguished by its smoothness and softness, the latter is the perfect combination of lightness and high absorption, and the third massages the scalp, improving the drying of even the thickest and heaviest strands.

white linen waffle turban
waffle turban


Another new addition to the so linen! collection Their creation is dictated by the desire to provide the most pleasant and gentle wrapping. Models made of 100% linen provide excellent protection against cool breezes while not overheating the body for example during summer showers. The ability to absorb promotes drying of the skin and the thermoregulatory properties do not keep droplets on the surface. Plus, natural bathrobes dry extremely quickly and are durable enough to be washed regularly and taken on the go. There are currently two forms of bathrobes available waffle and terry. Both will look great on a bathroom rack, blending in with wooden shelves, wicker baskets, and other natural accents.

linen terry bathrobe
terry bathrobes

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