Bathroom in boho and rustic style

When manufacturing individual linen products, we think about a suitable colour and shape that will fit into different design trends. One of the most frequently repeated and used styles is the boho style or country house style, which was once associated with wedding celebrations and is now becoming more and more courageous in our bedroom, living room and. . . bathroom. At the end of last year, our range was expanded to include products for bathrooms, which makes it even easier to create an arrangement along these lines. For these novelties, we have compiled a handful of inspirations that you can use in your four walls to create your dream bathroom in boho and country style.  


The boho style is a relatively new trend. Its premises are similar to the country house style, which we can unofficially call the “older brother. ”

The latter is inspired by rural and idyllic life, which is in harmony with nature and the beauty of the environment. The assumptions of the rustic movement are inspired by farmhouses and manors from the novels of Pan Tadeusz. The interior is dominated by the beauty of simplicity that we can see in the nature around us forest paths, mountain valleys, and meadows with blooming flowers.

When furnishing the room according to rustic rules, we should choose:

  • Bright colors reminiscent of sunny fields, freshly mown grass and clear, cloudless skies,
  • Natural Boho-style material – with valuable hygroscopic, thermoregulating and anti-allergic properties,
  • Simplicity – decorative shapes, ribbons, and handmade decorations replaced with geometric elements, wooden furniture, and rigour,
  • cast iron components, wooden shapes, glass and brass,
  • Rooms that are illuminated by natural sun rays that are not obscured by massive curtains or lace curtains. Linen curtains and linen muslin sheer curtains, which let some of the rays through that illuminate every corner of the interior, will be much better.


The boho style is so popular and liked that it appears in almost all interiors – even in the bathroom. We make no secret of the fact that, by expanding our range with new linen textiles, we wanted to transfer this trend to this space and thus combine relaxation with nature and the beauty of simplicity.

If you decorate the interior in this spirit, choose light – cream, white, beige – tiles that will combine perfectly with the cast-iron elements. Wood will complement it perfectly – in the form of small organizers and a bookcase on which you can place soy candles. A fern hanging over the ceiling will be the icing on the cake, pictures of dried plants in frames, and, of course, natural boho textiles that complement the design. For the latter, you can take advantage of the offer of so linen!, where you will find the ideal products.

Bath mats made of linen our novelty, which lovers of natural interiors will love very quickly. Their biggest advantage is, of course, the natural composition, which reduces the risk of bacteria multiplying. Microbes that affect our health and well-being are mainly born in highly humid environments, including textiles that dry for a long time and are based on synthetic fibers. The strict shape of the linen mats fits perfectly with the principles of the country house style, whereby they score with their anti-allergic properties and can be combined excellently with other linen elements.

white linen bathroom mat
linen bathroom mat in creamy white

Linen towels our bestseller, which is an attractive alternative to cotton or microfibre towels. Its main benefits are high water absorption, which ensures that no moisture remains on the skin. In addition, linen towels are extremely soft thanks in particular to the softness process, which contributes to a subtle fabric ideal for allergy sufferers.

We have three versions of linen towels in so linen!:

classic towel in natural linen
linen terry towel
terry linen towel in creamy white
linen waffle towel
linen waffle towel in natural linen

Linen accessories  as a well-known saying goes are the devil is in the details. Therefore, even the smallest accessories can complement a bathroom, which is furnished in a rustic spirit. Linen sponges that can be hung on the shower faucet will be ideal. The soft version gently distributes the oil on the moist skin and the exfoliating sponge stimulates the circulation and peels dead skin. At the end of the arrangement adventure, you can hang a linen bathrobe in the corner of the bathroom that envelops the body after a long, warming bath, and linen turbans that enhance the oiling of the hair.

linen terry sponge in natural linen
linen waffle bathrobe
linen waffle bathrobe in natural linen
linen waffle turban in pure white
linen waffle turban in pure white

As you can see, you can create your dream bathroom in boho or country house style with just a few steps and with natural linen products.

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