5 advantages of linen towels

linen towels

In so linen we have prepared for you towels in natural color, which evoke images of sunny fields of flax. But there’s no denying that color isn’t the only reason for their popularity and recognition – both among our team and among our customers. We love them for the softness we feel while wrapping up after a bath and for several other equally important reasons. So we decided to gather these most important and most recognized advantages, dedicating the following new post on our blog to them.  


A hot bath with vanilla foam and lavender-scented soy candles is a ritual for our body and spirit. Spending a few minutes enjoying your favorite oils and inhaling the aromas, we forget about the problems of everyday life, finding that much-needed moment for ourselves. No wonder that after such relaxing moments we want to wrap ourselves in delicacy and softness, which additionally takes care of our skin. Without a doubt, our body deserves products of the highest quality, which is why the first and also the most frequently mentioned advantage of our towels is their undeniable delicacy.

Linen has anti-allergic, hygroscopic and anti-fungal properties. This means it stays fresh for longer and perfectly complements the unique skin care routine for sensitive and atopic skin.

linen towel
natural linen towel


It’s no secret that linen terry towels are one of the most popular products in our store. The pace of their sales surprises us every time, confirming that you love this gently convex texture.

We’ll let you in on the fact that terry cloth was particularly popular in the 1990s, when it was mainly used to make towels or blankets. The uncut loops on either side of the fabric – both loosely and tightly twisted – absorb a fair amount of moisture. No wonder they so often accompany us after refreshing quick showers and long, warming baths.



linen terry towel
linen terry towels


While sewing our towels we follow the principles of zero waste, which support conscious trade and sustainable production. We use natural, eco linen that comes from European crops and is OECO-TEX certified. Our towels are free of ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment. In our towels you’ll only find 100% linen, free of pesticides and dyes that may have allergenic properties.


Linen is one of the most durable fabrics, which at the same time retains such a valuable naturalness. Resistance to high temperature does not negatively affect its structure and delicacy, so we can wash them in slightly higher temperature without any fear. This is particularly important in the context of hygiene and the already mentioned antibacterial properties. This unique property of the fabric makes that the towels will serve us for many years, despite frequent washing and use by all family members.

natural linen towel
linen towel


Linen towels are cared for in a similar way as linen bedding or linen table runners. This means that we can wash all of them on the delicate cycle, while making sure that they are not too compressed in the washing machine. Don’t twist the towels with your hands, as this can cause deformation and a slight change in texture. It is better to leave them to dry on their own – e. g. on a string hanging on the terrace. Use natural and mild detergents when washing. The strong ones full of chemicals can weaken the fibers or discolor them. Keep the temperature at a maximum of 40°C.


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