A day without foil packaging – why does packaging matter?

On January 23, we celebrated a special Day without Foil Packaging. The holiday written in the calendar was created in opposition to the increasing production of “foil bags”, found in almost every supermarket or local store. Due to the growing awareness and pressure on pro-environmental education, e.g. in Australia, Alaska, South Africa and Bangladesh, a total ban on the use of disposable bags was introduced. In Ireland, a tax was introduced on them, and paper bags reign over the ocean. We celebrate this day all year round – you will not find a gram of plastic in our shipment. To celebrate the idea of creating such important and educational days, we have created a new, environmentally friendly blog post for you!  


The foil is one of the negative effects of developing technology. Before its appearance, mesh bags, canvas bags and baskets that were taken for the weekly shopping in the bazaars, were popular. Everything changed in 1965, when the Swedish engineer Gustave Thulin Sten created a patent that revolutionised world trade. The first public reaction was surprisingly positive – after all, what’s wrong with disposable bags? The answer to this question appeared several decades later, when the world was shocked with the sight of statistics kept by foundations and pro-environmental organisations. And later on a holiday called Day without Foil Packaging came to existence.

Today, after many studies and over 50 years of plastic existence on the global market, it turned out that the low price and lightness echoed in almost every corner of our planet. In February 2018, scientists from the National University of Ireland conducted extensive deep-sea research, which found the presence of plastic particles in 75 percent of deep sea fish in the Northwest Atlantic. Moreover, about 95 percent of products manufactured by the global economy have their own plastic packaging, which of course we throw into the bin as soon as we open it, e.g. a shipment. Regional statistics confirm these infamous numbers, showing that each of us uses up to 490 plastic bags each year. One bag is used for an average of 25 minutes, and decomposes … from 100 to 400 years.


We pack without plastic – all year round not only on the Day without Foil Packaging, for every occasion and for everyone. We do not hide that the decision on natural and biodegradable products was particularly important to us and we can certainly say that we are proud of this consequence. Each order is wrapped with tissue paper and then packed into cardboard packages. All materials are printed on ecological paper, and the decorative string is made of… paper! Poly mailers are also made of ecological materials, so they can be recycled. Anyway, just like the entire order that the courier gives you. That is how we celebrate Day without Foil Packaging.

Why so? Because all products – from linen pillowcases to linen towels and linen turbans – are sewn by hand, thus reducing the risk of excess production. Out of respect for human work and for the beauty of nature, we want our company not to contribute to this inglorious, above-mentioned data. Paper, unlike plastic, decomposes in no time (even several weeks). In addition, this decomposition takes place during composting and does not release harmful substances – which, of course, protects the species of fauna and flora.

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