3 easy ways to upgrade the interior for the summer

linen arrangement

Spring is the time when nature comes to life. In the trees buds will appear, it will become greener and new creative ideas will appear in our minds. Shortly before the heat, we clean up thoroughly and hide winter jackets and thick blankets in the cupboards. As inspiration, we decided to create an entry in which we advise you how to quickly refresh the interior for the summer So, how can you arrange the living room without fundamentally altering the entire furnishings and without hurting the resources of the wallet?


We believe that interior design is true art. Therefore, the linen products we produce are not only a soft wrapping for the body, but also a graceful accessory that takes care of the design and decoration. In addition, linen fabrics are particularly popular in summer, where we need fibers that ensure good air circulation and do not create artificial barriers to demanding skin. What to do to update the interior for the summer?

  • Change your linen by choosing natural, slightly wrinkled linen pillowcases. Thanks to them, you give the interior a rustic spirit and connect with the beautiful summer aura.
  • Spread a linen blanket in your favorite color on the sofa. Dusty Pink and Eucalyptus Green give your interior new freshness and bright colors.
  • Spread out a linen table runner or tablecloth on a large dining table and place on it a flower vase or an arrangement with fresh flowers and large candles.
  • Place linen towels on the wooden shelf of your bathroom and hang linen bathrobes in the corner that will wrap you on hot days.
  • Hang linen cloths on the handles in the kitchen and add some naturalness to the Provencal or Scandinavian arrangement.
linen bedsheets in a natural arrangement
linen bedsheets in a natural arrangement


You know the saying, “The devil is in the detail”? These words are perfect for the design of our rooms, which are very often based on small accessories and unobtrusive accents. Even a small change can have a spectacular effect – especially if we have an original idea or add new, coherent elements – e. g. through the country house style or the Scandinavian style.

So print beautiful views of exotic beaches and snow-capped peaks and place them in frames hanging over a dresser or sofa. Place fresh flowers in a glass or marble vase and be inspired by meadows and natural grain fields. Also excellent are fragrant candles, new pots with jute cord, and frames with family photos. We also love the play of light – with garlands, small lights, or colored light bulbs that lend warmth and coziness to the room. All these items cost little and it takes a few minutes at most to arrange them. This gives the simple, minimalist interior the proverbial icing on the cake. Try your luck on DIY projects too – especially if you have a piece of creativity in you that you can bring out with homemade flowerbeds, door wreaths, or bouquets in a box.

white couch cover
arangament using natural accents


How about we change the dresser, reposition the carpet that was under the couch, or mix the chairs in the dining room? Even such inconspicuous changes, based on the elements you have in your apartment or house, can achieve a spectacular effect. If the space allows it and the previous arrangement has lost its functionality, try a different distribution of the furniture by changing an armchair, a stool or a wardrobe. A few design changes give the interior its old freshness – and that’s only a few minutes of work.

linen roman blind in a natural color
Linen boho arrangement

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